2005, the solar year

Looking back, 2005 is the year of nudes and open air portraits… It is in 2005 that I’ve started to draw more systematically nudes, participating to the nude sessions at the Sherbrooke University (where I’ve got my Certificat in Visual Arts). It was also in 2005, in the summertime, I’ve started to make portraits in the parks of Sherbrooke, together with a quebecois friend, Clement. (He has a car and he draws portraits using pastels and sanguine; me, I use acrylic inks and watercolors  together, we made a “team” and it was easier to find models…)

My personal history, my family problems, though not solved, took a more calm, less insane turn so, 2005 was a better year for “normal” stuff, with less “bizarrobaroque” and crazy, weird, stuff… I had a steady – but not very demanding job: two days per week I did teach “artistical expression” to nuns – my poverty was less evident and I was, finally, more serene… It was a good year, almost all of it…

Here are 2 raw drawings of Joelle, a nice, talented model (not all the models that undress are talented…in fact, the talented ones are pretty rare…) whom I’ve drawn with “gusto”. These are some of the first nudes I ever made in a color and a technique which I’ve discovered then and still use today, trying to perfectionate it.


12 responses to “2005, the solar year

  1. I like both of these, Danu. Did any of the nuns ever see your nudes?

  2. No, swallons, I dont think so… even if, you know, some of them, did see pretty rough stuff… To be a nun in places like Haiti, Cameroun, Ruanda, New Zeeland, cuba, Philipines…I do not think some tame nudes would scare them much…

  3. I didn’t mean to ask whether the nuns had seen nakedness but whether they approved of your drawing it.

  4. mihail medrea

    Salve, DaNu_le !

    intr-adevar, solara aceasta “naiada”. Sper ca frumoasele zile insorite sa nu se imputineze si ca energia vitala sa te ajute sa dai la iveala inca multe desene reusite cum sunt cele de mai sus…

    Sanatate si seninatate!

  5. Swallows: I don’t think they know much about it (my drawing it)… I didn’t exactly hide it but I do not advertise it either… As to the fact if they would aprouve or not, the mystery stays intact… I really don’t know… but these are rather modern nuns… the good Lord made us naked, no?

  6. Asa sper si eu, prietene! mai ales chestia cu energia imi da nelinisti…

  7. Hey, Danu, that’s a very, very nice painting you sent to Bill and Kev over at Café Creme. I like it a lot.

  8. Nice drawings, Danu. I like the design of having just a bit outside of the rectangle. Where are you finding the models? Don’t ask the neighbors to pose nude for you. Their husbands don’t like it.

  9. Thanks, swallows… I like it too, sort of…

    My neighbours, Bill, are just like my pupils: over 45-50, too plump or too skinny… I let to the University people the task of choosing models… sometimes much younger students than mine…

  10. Beautiful nudes, Danu. There it is again, this incredible warm light on the skin… I don’t know how you do it, but this looks simply magical for me!

    I am sorry, I have not much time to come around at the moment, but I have seen that you ask about participating to the Fantascapes. This is a fantastic idea, and be sure that Susan and me will love it, and be every time very impatient to discover each new one. Yours, with your so personal style, will be be a great complement to ours, which are already so different.

  11. Thanks, miki, I also look forward to the Fantascapes game…

    I hope you are busy with your new art gallery… I still have some nice nudes and, if you want, of course, I will send you some for your gallery… If interested, contact me on the email pour perfecter les details…

  12. A beautiful dream danu, and one I would join you on in a second. Traveling gypsy group creating art, …SIGN ME UP! , anyways, thanks again for your thoughts…… ED….

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