Drawing portraits in the park…

A man should be able to earn a living if he/she is good at something… I reckon I’m not that bad drawing portraits… and if I could earn a living with that I would be really happy… and to have an old (but not too old) motorhome, so I could do some landscaping and visiting art fairs… A zen/gipsy existence, floating from here to there, like the feather in “Forest Gump”… doing things if you are in the mood… eating when you feel like, sleeping when you feel like… drawing portraits and landscapes when you feel like (or when the need to buy food is pressant…)   I would really like to do that… Trying to do simple, expressive paintings, true to life but not photographically servile… Where are you, my Mecena, to help me fulfil my dreams? (Despite his permanent moanings about money, Gauguin had a nice contract with Ambroise Vollard in his last 2-3 years in Tahiti &the Marquises… of course, I’m not Gauguin – just a bit better! ha!ha! – and Quebec isn’t exactly Tahiti (I wish!)…

No answer… Well, I guess I have to manage it myself, if my health and circumstances will permit…

Here you have: 2 of my 2005 portraits in the park. Aicha, a beutiful black lady, gracious and expressive, and Maria-Christine, a quebecoise with eyes “noisette” and sensual lips… The technique is at the beginning but almost definite: acrylic ink for the initial drawing and then a quick watewrcolor fill in, a portrait taking around 25-35 minutes (“models” become restless if it takes more than that…)


9 responses to “Drawing portraits in the park…

  1. I agree, Danu, there’s no justice in the world. You deserve to be able to make a good living doing portraits. These and all the ones you post are first-class.

  2. There still is some justice… since there are guys like you, swallows, whom do appreciate what I do… and I know they know what they are talking about…

    There is still hope, I suppose… thanks, swallows…

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    ce fete frumoase! cu cita duiosie le-ai desenat !

  4. Ovidiu, mon ami, pot sa fiu foarte duios cand imi da cineva 5-10 $, acolo… lasand gluma la o parte, da, erau fete frumoase… m nostalgia verii in parc, desenand portrete… Poate, daca masina nu ma va lasa balta, o voi putea face si anul asta…

  5. Not many personas an earn their living doing hat they knwo to do best and enjoy the most. I wish I could earn a living with my photography, but I can’t. That does not mean that we are not good, I have made a mere 22.00USD at a stock photography site selling 60% of my stock; the problem is, they pay too little. Luck and opportunity have not come into affect, I guess., or I prefer to think. There is a lot of competition for all since the Internet is a free and wide window to parade in front of the world. Happiness in doing at least fill our days.

  6. That is certaily true, anangeli. Not many artists can live from their art and few people earn their living with a work they like… I suppose photography is even more difficult to live from, competition being fiercer. did I understant well? 22 $ for 60% of your work? or is it 2200?

    Your are certainly right also: happiness is in the doing… If my life wouldnt be complicated by serious family matters and by sickness I could be almost happy, just drawing and painting and reading and writing about art…

  7. I just found this post by typing into a search the exact sentiments you have expressed so well here. Thank you for your words. When in college (when I squandered the gift of leisure that could have been spent drawing) I remember reading a quote by Ferdinand Hodler which he wrote in his journal, I think when he was in Paris(?). I am going to paraphrase(butcher it) : “I take a cabinet door down to sleep on at night, and my only food when I wake is a stale piece of bread which I dip in the fountain on my way to paint. All I have is a brush, some color, and a canvas. I am the happiest man alive.” May your work continue to be blessed and your words continue to encourage us – from a sometimes “photographically servile” artist…

  8. Thank you, David, for your kind words! It gives me great joy to see that my words find some favorable ears… I wish I could be more photographically servile, maybe, myself but I don’t seem to be able… and to force me into it, it’s too much…

    Glad you found my blog!

  9. I am a professional artist who produces paintings, collage works, portraits of all kinds, designsand illustrations. I do produce both African and European style of artworks. Iam looking for both portrait and painting contract specifically portraits so if you can help me get one though i don’t have sample of portraits on my website but i have done few for people. Hope to hear from you. Thanks



    Mob: 07905719958

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