2005, rediscovering watercolor

2005 wasn’t only a year of the nudes at the University of Sherbrooke but also one when I rediscovered the watercolor and started to work more and more with it or with combinations of it (watercolor + acrylic ink, acrylics and watercolor, watercolor and pastel, etc.)

In Romania, when I was a happy (it seems now, at least, I was happy; all the dilemas, the anxiety and muddy waters of teenage smudged, smoothened…) student at the “Liceul de Arte Plastice Sibiu” 1971-9175, names like Canson, Arches, Fabriano, Strathmore etc. were unknown. I’m not sure at all my teachers knew them, really… Good watercolor paper was as far away and imposible to reach as the moon… Or, I found out in 2005, a lot of a good watercolor has to do with the paper. I would say an essential part, even. There is no good watercolor on bad paper… Ok, this may seem pretty elementary in the West. But out there, in Romania, for an ordinary, non-privileged kid, good watercolor paper and colors (I’ve learned about Windsor and Newton, Holbein and Van Gogh brands as an old new artist…) were unobtainable. We did some “watercolors” on bad ordinary paper, with cheap colors… No wonder the results weren’t spectacular…

The following is one of my landscapes (Quebec inspired… I’m not 100 % sure but this must be somewhere near Baie St. Paul…) combining acrylic ink and watercolors. No master piece but a certain freshness, a certain spontaneity of the line and color…


4 responses to “2005, rediscovering watercolor

  1. I remember this from before, Danu (four months back?), and it’s nice to see it again. That’s true about the importance of good paper for a water color. I always used thin sheets, thinking it was good enough for experiments; but then it was sad when the experimental painting came out good… on wrinkled paper. Served me right. No risk, no gain.

  2. Yes, that’s my experience too: the thicker, the better… 300 g is excellent, 600 g even better… Can we see your experiments?

  3. Sorry, Danu, but I never exhibit works of mine that I consider flawed. I haven’t done enough experimenting with watercolors.

  4. Me neither…I’m still experimenting…Hope to do that a lot the few months since today was the last working day… At least time I will have some…

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