Vincent’s Irises… and mine…

Maybe some art critics and other blah-blah will be scandalised I dare to compare Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises (one of the series are the pride of Canadian National gallery in Ottawa, I think…) with mine. But I know Vincent wouldn’t have mind… He was a very generous fellow artist (his numerous friendships with other painters prove it; especially with the young Emile Bernard). And modest too. Just like myself…

The year, for my Irises, is still 2005, a good year, as I’ve already said. I add some Puppies (always liked them) and hope you, my readers (few or numerous doesn’t matter much) will like them…


5 responses to “Vincent’s Irises… and mine…

  1. I like them both, Danu. It was original of you to paint only the beautiful vases of the poppies instead of insisting on their red petals. Those vases (what ARE those called–not pods?) are fascinating. I have some on my dinner table right now and they are growing bigger every day. Of course I think of a Grecian urn.

  2. And me of Afgan opium…just kidding… But my mother in law, back there in romania, used them for a sleeping potion (I mean the seeds…)… Me too I liked a lot the vases, pods, whatever… They are hard to draw but interesting… Poppies have a lot of pictural references: Renoir and Monet are the first to popp up (?)

  3. And Glad you liked them, G! For a bizarre and uncomprehensive reason (to me) the hits on the site were dropping dramatically since 6-7 days… I suppose I’m reduced to my real proportions? Notice anything on your blogs?

  4. My hits are way down too, Danu. I guess it means that most of our visitors are students; and now they have all left their books and computers and gone to play. Can’t blame them. In view of this new situation, I’ve begun summer re-runs. I will also go outdoors and play a little. I hope you can.

  5. I do and I did… I made a huge investment: I’ve bought myself a bycicle (200$) and try to ignore the pain (supportable) in my right knee (artrose) and to burn some fat… Right now it’s raining but I plan to be a lot outdoors this summer…

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