Strong colors and peaches

I’m not specialized. I do not do still lifes or landscapes or nudes or portraits or abstract. I do all that, usually on a whim, following my own capricious moods… In this respect, I do not have A STYLE, because even when I discovered a succesfull manner or subject or “style” or whatever, I’m not patient enough to “exploit” it months or years afterwards… and that’s a thing art merchants do not like… Surprises, experimentation, changing of styles, subjects, mediums could be a good creative strategy but not a good commercial one…

Oh, well! I am anyway just an almost anonimous painter, not yet “discovered” by some important merchant or mecena. So I can do whatever I like to do, at least in the limited space of my paintings… Gauguin, an artist with whom I have a love-hate relationship (but he doesn’t know, of course!) painted some beautiful still lives with fruit and he wasn’t color shy. Vincent also painted plenty of still lives, flowers especially, during all his periods. Starting with the Paris period he wasn`t color shy either… Even if not often, I do like to paint fruit, especially perfumed ones, like, in this case, peaches (or oranges, or limes and ananas)…

Here it is, another 2005 work, a still life with peaches and nectarines.


12 responses to “Strong colors and peaches

  1. mirawoodworth

    I like the vivid colors on this one. You mention you have many styles and mediums – you might try licensing as an approach to commercial success with your work. From what I’ve read – agents love the diversity – gallery owners dont.

    Luck to you,

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, mirawoodworth. I do no really know what “licensing” means? getting an agent?

    I would wish to have one (to liberate me from the fastidious work of finding clients etc) but in the town I live in I don’t think there are… I would appreciate another suggestion on this one…

  3. mirawoodworth

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. There’s a book – “Art Licensing 101” that details how send out your portfolio and even lists a bunch of them out there. Try, a local bookstore or even your library. Licensing agents are in metropolitan areas and are the people that sell images for everything from greeting cards, fabrics, books, novelties, the silly flags we hang . . . you name it. Next time you go to the store – check out how many things actually have some type of image (aka artwork) on them. You might also try googling the subject. Good luck to you!

  4. Thank you very much, Mira! I really appreciate your help and I hope you’ll have great succes with you own art (which, I repeat, I liked very much). Bye for now.

  5. This is a wonderful painting, Danu. Few could make a painting with those bright and beautiful colors combined so surprisingly. Bravo!

  6. Oh, what a sweet music your words are for my poor ears! Thanks, swallows! I hope I can do some of these this summer. Maybe enough to come see the Velasquez and Brueguel at Prado (and meet a good friend at a coffee table, maybe?) One can dream, can one?

  7. Put some wings on that new bike of yours and come on over. We’ll invite Brueghel and Velazquez to come sit with us at the table too. If Goya’s not busy he’ll join us. After a few drinks we’ll all go to a bullfight.

  8. Considering my actual mug (unshaved etc.) I think it would be more appropiate to put an atomic broom or something and to come over just like a witchman (?) in some Goya`s engraving… I hope Goya isn`t too busy and has a good day (I know how moody def? people are… my mother is like that)…

  9. ovidiu stanomir

    DaNu_le, tare mi-s dragi asemenea tablouri! Sunt figurative, deci “normale”, insa, in acelasi timp, foarte indraznetze, prin intensitatea coloristica, fiind deci neconventionale…

    Desigur, fiecare face aprecierile dupa sufletul lui;

  10. Si mie imi place, Ovidiu…Mersi de vizita. Nu stiu ce se intampla (unul din misterele acelea internatice) dar nr vizitelor a scazut la 1/3 din ce era inainte… Nu ca ma omor eu cu firea dar ma intriga ca nu stiu cauza (presupun ca nu din cauza mea, totusi, eu n-am schimbat nimic)…

  11. This is a lovely painting with great use of color. More like Cezanne I think.

  12. I’ll treasure this, bill! Coming from an artist as yourself, it’s a great honour. I`ll cite you and swallows on my first book of reproductions…

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