Visual stimuli

It could be almost anything: a view or an object, when we take a walk… a photo from an old magazine or a photo taken by us (or others) during our (or theirs) voyages… or, as Leonardo give us advice, the fluid form of the clouds during a summer (or spring, or autumn or winter) day… the different textures on a decrepit wall…

In fact, anything could be this visual stimulus, the first impulse for a new drawing or painting. For me, as I suppose it’s the case for most artists, it’s usually a photo, sometimes B & W (this gives you the advantage of total inovation in color) most often, a color image of a landscape, a face, some objects or animals… No rule, practically. It could be a single image or, superposed, mingled, composits of images… No rule there, either…

The hasard (the same hasard invoked with awe but also with fear by Nicholas de Stael, the friend and admirer of Georges Bracque and a really interesting painter himself) plays a large place in this genesis of a painting, at least for me… The process could be long and difficult or quick, a coup de foudre...

The following image is my last not-very-complicated watercolor: a photo posted by Anna from Spain caught my eye… There was something very mediteraneean in it, I liked it and just painted it (with some compositional and color modifications). I hope the author of the photo would not mind my inspiring… If I could travel in Spain that landscape would have, no doubt, caught my eye and I would have painted it…


4 responses to “Visual stimuli

  1. Moshule, n-ai trait degeaba…
    Acuarela asta poate sta la loc de cinste alaturi de stampele japoneze (pe care si “amicul
    Vincent Van… le iubea foarte mult).
    Felicitari !
    Iti doresc si o cit mai grabnica recunoastere de facto a incontestabilului tau talent.

  2. Multzumesc, Ovidiu! Incontestabilul meu talent itzi multzumeste si el si sper ca urarea ta sa se implineasca… Dl. Goe ma da gata si nici macar nu i-o pot lua in nume de rau (fiindca nu e el)…

  3. A beautiful painting, Danu–really. I’m sure the author of the photo would be delighted at what you made of it. If the scene were from around here, however, he would be surprised to see your lake, and he could well understand how the olive trees ran to have a drink there. The clouds are wonderful, both those in the sky and the ones reflected in the lake.
    Maybe you ought to get Anna to have her friend the photographer send you more photos, if that’s what you can do with them.
    Is the lake a kind of eye? And is that a daytime moon in the sky?

  4. Well, G, I certainly hope anna will like it and glad you did. I kept the painting as close as I could to the model but the lake seemed a good ideea at the time (stil think it is one). It is a sort of counterpoint (remeber Huxley?) to the form of the clouds and the color also is a maybe nice “tache de couleur”… The “moon” came that way and I did not disaprove of it… I still have some nice photos you & A posted on your sites. Since it seems you don’t mind, I will use some more…

    You can even have the preemptive option and a very-very friendly price on the paintings (joking seriously)…

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