Blown in the wind…

The year is still 2005, a good year, a rich year (not in money-rich, of course…) I’ve drawn and paint a lot, portraits, nudes, landscapes, bizarro-baroques…

So many of them are now blown in the wind: given, bought for peanuts, lost… Happily, there are computers and digital photography and scanners… So, there is still my digital portfolio. One day, maybe, I (or someone else) will make an album with my best images. I guess it’s ok to call them images more than paintings or drawings since, for me, 95-96 % are just pixels on a hard drive or a disk… flickering images, as futile and fragile as old photographs or movies… A modest contribution to the beauty of this world, the result of my efforts to feint eternity, to leave something to my children and maybe not only…

I choose these two paintings for their use of reds and oranges, colors I love. Colors difficult de paint with, difficult to harmonize… Special. I hope you’ll like them…


9 responses to “Blown in the wind…

  1. I love your use of reds and oranges (and, in other paintings, blues). I love the first painting here– lovely.

  2. Thanks, moonbeam. For me it’s a great satisfaction to see people I like and admire, like you, taking pleasure in my work. I hope you enjoy my little paintings as much as I enjoy your stories…

  3. I like them very much, and I hope some day your work will appear in solo book.

  4. It’s my hope also, susan! We live and swear (?) through hope, aren’t we? (not so sure about the expression… I wish I knew better the english language…)

  5. What a great idea! I wonder if you could even self-publish a book, danu, and sell copies on the internet. Even Amazon sells self-published books now. I’d buy a copy, but I’d want mine autographed!

  6. I could start by making one in format pdf, easily downloadable… and of course, yours will be very special, autographed and alll… I don’t have but do the work (that’s usually the hard part; plenty of good ideas otherwise…)

  7. ovidiu stanomir

    DaNu_le, videoteca ta e foarte bogata; spre deosebire de tine. Pentru artist e ok, insa pentru bietul om aflat “supt vremi”, e dimpotriva. Totul e sa nu fii singur impotriva tuturor…

  8. Oh yeahhhhh, I love them very much! These red and oranges, so powerful!

  9. Thanks, miki! I did did liked a lot (but didn’t had the leisure to tell you yet) your sketches from Portugal (in Romanian Portugalia would mean the country of oranges, orange being also “portocaliu” – the color resulted from red and yellow…)

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