My Mona Lisa

Just the drawing of a new project, “my Mona Lisa” (la Gioconda, if you prefer…) The model is Gabrielle, a beautiful young woman, with honey color hair and great complexion, smooth and slightly rose…

I publish this mostly to OBLIGE myself to finish it. Also, because it could be a testimony of the creative phases, a thing I did sometimes (photographing the “brut” variant of a painting, the successive variants…)

And it could be also the ONLY thing that will remain from this project (since I’m a lazy bum)…


8 responses to “My Mona Lisa

  1. Please do finish it! We will be waiting eagerly – how’s that for pressure? But you asked for it!

    Finishing paintings is the hardest part. I just did a posting on my blog about that… I guess it’s a malady we all suffer from.

  2. Yeap! Sometimes sketches are better thatn the “finished” work… How to get, at the end, the freshness of the beginning? Delacroix, Manet, degas, I think , all reflected on that… (we are in good company, aren’t we?)

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    e de-a dreptul vincentian portretul acesta ! bravos !

  4. Danu, prefer sa cred ca acest – frumoasa in sine! – ar fi “primul” din seria spre la capoldopera Mona Lisa al Danu. ;-)… Hope it’s the beginning, not the “end” of your Mona Lisa project, even though it’s beautiful on its own. Yes, now you said it, and posted it, I will wait (one of many, I presume) for the evolution and final painting. BTW, it is very interesting for me to see the creative process “in progress”. Much as with a written work, the author’s notes, revised manuscripts, notes in the margin, etcetera are illuminating of the finished work, and of the author’s style and substance. So, as usual, please keep up your excellent work!

  5. I certainly try to finish, D. Conditions permitting. I’ll try to post progress reports…

    Ovidiu: saracu Vincent nu a pictat prea mult dupa fotografii, ca mine (si ca foarte multzi altzii)… si nici internet n’avea, cu enorma cantitate de imagini dupa care te potzi inspira… E drept ca nimic nu poate inlocui emotzia pe care o ai in fata modelului in carne si oase (mai ales in carne, in cazul tinerei Gabriela)… Dar ne multzumim cu ce avem…

  6. She is a lovely model – it has to be inspiring.

  7. Ornella Mutti? Julia Ormond? Sophie Marceau? Isabelle Adjani? Marilyn Monroe? Yes, Gabriella, at lot less famous (and probably with a fugitive, not very long lasting beauty, but what IS long lasting, anyway?) has that superb beauty that made Paris produce the war of Troy… and artists from all ages to try to imortalize it… I’m a bit corny but you get me, aren’t you?

  8. OK you lazy bum. I’m watching so you better finish!

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