Progress report on Mona Lisa Gabrielle

Well, I’m not lucky today… I’ve wrote a whole post concerning my progress and savant terms like vellatura, glacis, lavis etc. with a lot of technical stuff (I LOVE talking painting techniques!) but, somehow, the bloody new post erased himself (I helped a bit by mistake, ok…) and now it’s just the reproduction of my Mona Lisa Gabreille, as it is right now (it will change until evening, I hope):

Copyright @2008 text & image, Dan Iordache


7 responses to “Progress report on Mona Lisa Gabrielle

  1. I’m counting on you to educate me with these savant terms Danu. I don’t know what any of these mean, so I guess you’ll have to re-write your bloody post. But you can wait til after you finish the painting because it’s looking really interesting.

  2. Well, thank you , Susan! I’ll try to do just that. And did you observe I “cite” a bit from the real deal Mona Lisa?

  3. I, too, want to see how the progress goes from here. I love the eyes and how the simply radiate out from the painting with such intensity. Her hair provides a nice touch of motion to contrast to the rest of the pose. The overall expression on her face is interesting – not sure what she’s thinking, but I guess that’s the point with this painting!

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    Foarte, foarte fain! si cu totul aparte…

  5. Bob: the eyes will be green, bob. They are even more beautiful in reality…Her hair is auburn and it will not at all easy to render… Maybe I will call it The Courtisane (since they were obliged to teint their hair red…)

  6. Mersi, Ovidiu. Sa speram ca va fi mai buna la sfarsit…

  7. Nice to see an early stage of one of your paintings, Danu. This one is coming along fine. Can’t wait to see those green eyes.

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