Some more portraits

Since it seems that you, my friends, did like my “public amuser” portraits, here are some more…

As I said somewhere I wish I could do this 3-4 times a week, summer AND winter (and spring AND autumn)… All my problems would be eased up if not solved… But then one have to accept gladly what fate offers to him/her…

I hope you’ll not consider me conceited if I say I KNOW I have a drawing talent… something not everyone has, something maybe unique. I wish I could do just that, using, developing this skill, this talent.

I could draw comic books – good ones, artistic ones, full of color and dynamism (I dream about a Draculya comics, a story about the true – well, as true as it can be – Vlad the Impeller…) but one has to eat too, hasn’t one? Oh, well…


6 responses to “Some more portraits

  1. Danu, aren’t there conventions, weddings, church festivals, birthday parties, bingos, town fairs where you could be a public amuser? Maybe you could put an ad in the paper or send out letters to companies, parishes, town halls. Once people see what you do–when their friends proudly show them one of your portraits–they will all stand in line to be painted.

  2. That’s what I hope for, too, swallows… True, I’m sometimes lazy (and shy) and didn’t try hard enough… It should work…if I improve my social skills and make a publicity fond… Thanks for the indirect appreciation…

  3. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but these paintings have a great appeal.

    Keep doing them – they look like so much fun. I picture doing these at a park while sipping on a glass of wine.

  4. Siping more like water, Bill! Alcohool ? was forbidden… But it was fun and I sure hope to be able to do it more often… glad you like them.

  5. Your watercolor portraits are fantastic! I too am a watercolorist. Found you on Onpainting. Alice Neal was a kick ass artist!

  6. David, thank you! Coming from an accomplished artist like yourself this is very flattering…

    Yes, alice Neal is a great artist (I will never forget her Warhol portrait!) Kind of raw but great.

    I’m too kind of raw, I suppose it’s genes and fate…

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