August September 2005

A couple of months now I’ve lost the perspective on the initial scope of this blog: presenting, chronologically, my works… The present and its works took over, for a while…

So, back at 2005. Months: August and September, when I made my first long trip in the province of Quebec, where I live since 1998. It was a fishing trip (literally fishing) but, for me, it was also, of course, “fishing” images, here and there.

I made the trip with Stephane and Clement in an old, battered, VW Jetta with over 230.000 km. My friend (and contryman) Stephan is a mechanic and, in his own lent tempo, is capable of repairing and old car like that just like Red green, with masking tape and wires… Clement is an artist, using his retirement days to draw and paint, landscapes and portraits.

We went at some lake (not even Stephane who knew the places knew the name…) somewhere about 1750 km away from Sherbrooke, between Baie St. Paul and Chibougamou, in Indian territory. it was hot and sunny the 3 days we were there, sleeping all together in a small trailer, and very cold the night (freezing, actually).

On the spot, I did not enjoy a lot the experience… But I took lots of pictures and made also 2-3 watercolors and, afterwards, in my small but warm and comfortable appartment, it seemed a nice, interesting adventure.

An adventure I will probably never repeat… Still, here it is: a portrait of my friend Stephane (who is as passionate a fisherman as I am an artist) and 2 of the landscapes I realised during or after my “tundra” adventure…


11 responses to “August September 2005

  1. Wonderful paintings! I particularly like the one with the fisherman – great multicolored sky! Did you and your friends catch your own meals?

    While it sounds like it was a trying time, you turned the experience into some great grist for the artistic mill!

  2. Thanks, bob! The siluette is that of my friend Stephane, a real fisherman, and yes, he did catch a great deal of “brochettes” and “dores”, and he parted with us…

    It’s just a smal (8 x 10 inch, I think) watercolor but yes, I like also the sky… We try our best to distilate our experiences into interesting for the eye images…

  3. That’s a really fine portrait of your fisherman friend, Danu (not that I know what he really looks like, not that it matters). I like those clothes he’s wearing–you always do clothes very well–the collar, the zipper. He came out particularly three dimensional–those lines under his chin help him recede–they are like the planes in a relief. Do you know Michelangelo’s two cents in the sculpture vs. painting debate?
    “It seems that painting may be held to be good in the degree in which it approximates to relief, and relief to be bad in the degree in which it approximates to painting. I used therefore to think that painting derived its light from sculpture and that between the two the difference was that between the sun and the moon.” (Letter 280 to Benedetto Varchi) Notice that he does NOT say that painting is the sun and sculpture the moon, which would be pretty enough. He thinks sculpture is the SUN!

  4. Glad you like my Stephane portrait. He really is something!

    I admire a lot Michelangelo and recognise his genius and such but I have this big “fabrication default”, I suppose it’s not in my genes: sculpture doesn’t have a lot of appeal for me. I’m ashamed but, well, that’s it: nobody’s perfect! And I do not take his ideas and asertion as the words of the Bible… Me, of course, I think painting is the SUN…For me, anyway…

  5. Sorry to make you squirm, Danu. I didn’t mean that anyone was supposed to bow to the opinion of Michelangelo. I thought his definition of good painting was curious, that’s all. Few would agree with him.
    Go right on thinking of painting as your sun.

  6. More like twitch, swallows (I understand that you, as swallows – I stiill remember swallows feeding their young ones with squirming worms – prefer the term squirm, ha,ha)

    I just aserted my inaptitude to really enjoy sculpture…but, of course, painting IS (and will remain) my sun… It is warming me…

  7. Nice pieces – I must say that word, “tundra” evokes thoughts of either cold or flies or mosquitoes.

  8. I wouldn’t want to be over there past September… but we were lucky – very cold only the night and no bloody flies or mosquitos…

    Anyway, the immensity of the place and the rarity of people! In 3 days the only human presence ( apart ourselves) was a shoot somewhere far… To imagine you get lost over there, in winter… you are done…

  9. ce frumoasa este tundra… pardon, ca peisagiul e canadian; asadar, ce frumoasa e padurea nordica pictata de tine !

    desi, tundra poate fi o reminiscenta din filmele rusesti care ne placeau atit de mult in tineretzele noastre sibine…

  10. sibiene, desigur

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