The bizarre streak 2005

It comes and goes… my bizarre streak, I mean. I do not know where it comes from… or where it goes…

But then it’s in me and sometimes I just have to let it manifest itself. I do not cultivate or cherish it too much since – at least that’s what some of my friends told me – “it doesn’t sell”… Well, when you have a streak – and its not as bad as serial killing – you just let it be and try so live along…

Here are some samples from – still – the year 2005 (not a bad or unproductive year, after all):

The technique is, of course, acrylics colors (and inks), techmique which suits me just fine. Sure Brueghel and Boshand Bosh made superb (and possibly inegalables masterpieces with oil but they didn’t have the luck we have: so many superb colors (my last discovery and love: quinacridone burnt orange!), gels to make textures and such…

I am not sure if Salvador Dali did used acrylics… it is possible that, even he was kind of unconventional and, lets say it, quite insane (true or simulated, that’s another question…) he stayed quite conservator (and even reactionary) in painting techniques and politics…


2 responses to “The bizarre streak 2005

  1. Lots of great texture, I like the circular vibration motions in the first one especially and all of them. Great blues and purples in the second two. The second one is very alien-feeling, I like it a lot.

  2. Thanks, ed!

    Sometimes, in the future, when I would have some more money (?) I will make a show I will want to call “BESTIAIRE” reuniting all my weird animals paintings…and there are some. some I still have, like the above. But the investors probably await that I die to invest…

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