It happens again…

No, it’s not the scary thing from David Lynch‘s movie (“Fire Walk With Me” – I never understood where…) but something more simple and less scary-eerie: the new season of drawing nudes…

Today it was Marie Lise, a nice young lady (who lost a few pounds – not bad) with a long neck, long waist and (a little too) short legs… Nice, expressive mud: dark eyes, well established brows and a small, upward nose (I’m not sure it’s the right word: in French we say “retrousse”…)

And I’ve tried new tools: I let go, for a while, pen and ink and took watercolor pencils (Derwent), mostly black (but it’s a black with blue streak, like the Payne’s Grey). Here are 3 of the results…not so bad for a first trial…

For this last one I have to apologize (even if it wasn’t my fault: it was the luck of the draw…) because Marie Lise did kind of show me her behind…and I draw it (hopefully, nothing offensive for sensible persons of both sexes…)

Copyright for the text and the images, Dan Iordache, 2008.


5 responses to “It happens again…

  1. I really like the effect you got with the Derwent pencils. The hint of color in the pencils makes the works shimmer with a subtle flavor.

    Marie Lise may have too short legs but I like how you’ve rendered them very much. Especially the first piece – I know how hard it is to draw foreshortened limbs that are coming straight at you. Well done!

  2. I also like that blueish teint…but I still have to work a lot to perfectly master this new (for me) medium… I’ll try especially doing some portrait (even cartoon) since I also look for a quick way to draw a portrait… No clients yet but who knows?

    Thanks, bob1

  3. I have a few drawings like this last one of yours in my drawing block. I was always happy to get these unusual views down because when I modelled figures I needed to know what they looked like from all sides. Everyone else in those classes always ran to the seats that gave them a front view.
    This is almost Rembrandt-like in its light and dark. Nice.

  4. When do I get to see some of your drawings?

    Yes, sometimes a challenge do you good… I still have to get further used to the medium… But I like what you can get with it… Probably I will re-start to go to the Food Pit (Le Trou a bouffe) to draw portraits and caricatures… winter is not far away…We alreadty had a few nights with minus 0 …

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    Pare cam plictisita, Maja desnudata…

    Despre desemnele tale n-am decit vorbe de apreciere. Esti “meseriash”, fara discutie !

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