2005 (still!): portraits in the parc…

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda slept in the parc… I do portraits…

Of course, in the summertime (Janis Joplin!)… I do not want to get mystical but, somehow, I think that doing portraits, if well done, is a bit like a profetic (or phychanalitic?) activity…

Take this two lady friends… They accepted to pose pretty easily and I was sure, even before they told me, that they were coming back from some party or another… and that they were “wasted”… See? quite the profet!

As you can see I have the (bad?) habit of noting, here and there, on the work some of my (very precious?) thoughts…


11 responses to “2005 (still!): portraits in the parc…

  1. I like these two, wasted or not.

  2. You like the eyes, eh?!

    They had the Irish type, great red hair (the second)… Don’t know if the names are that Irish-like…

  3. I like the captured thoughts – brings another dimension to the piece. Introduces a little more of the artist into the work. I wonder how our experience of art would differ if each piece were annotated by the artist somehow – what they were thinking, what was on their mind at the time, etc. Maybe we’d all be disappointed at what we found out???

  4. My eyes are popping with that red! I’ve got to try that – putting in my comments – somehow it looks better in French. Guess I’d better learn some!

  5. I just thought some “graphic signs” would do some good in the backround, bob… and I suppose we could be dissapointed… I remember reading about some Rennaissance Italian painter’s journal who noted, in great detail, what he ate and if he did trow up and had his stools…

  6. Susan, I put that red there so that HER eyes (blue eyes) pop out, not yours! and you write comments all the time (even not in french – which is no great merit here in Quebec…) But, I suppose, it never hurt to know some more languages… I can teach you Roumanian, if you want…

  7. Great portraits, Danu. And these red and orange are really a merveille.
    Et oui, tes pensées sont très précieuses…

  8. Danu: Two more of your excellent portraits. That is a real innovation of yours, writing your thoughts or a description on the picture. I guess it derives from your first discovery of acrylic ink.
    Did you give the ladies their portraits? How come you always have such good photos of your work? Do you make the sitters wait while you go back to your studio and take the photos?

  9. Thanks, swallows! You right, acrilik ink has maybe something to do with it…but it’s very old, the need of painters to write on their paintings, I think… My only merit is that I just did it, didn’t imitate nobody… I thought some scribblengs would do good to the image…

    Yes, I gave them their portraits (I have very very few original works left) but I ddn`t go to my studio to take the photos…I did it on spot and no big deal (I was almost a professional photographer for many, many years…)

  10. Miki: merci miki! J,aime aussi the way of the orange and red (je crois que c’était lac garance et acrylic orange fire…)

    quant aux portraits: j’ai fait un nouvel blog special pour les portraits et caricatures (j’essaye de trouver des clients pour ca, aussi…) :
    http://idanu.wordpress.com/ si tu as le temps, un jours…

    Ca marche très bien: j’ai eu 1 visite par jour chaque jour! (ha,ha)

    Of course, the invitation is for all my friends.

  11. I hope they were flattered– they should have been. These are excellent!

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