Intellectualism kills authentic art?

I know that if you put an interrogation sign after a more or less controversial or slanderish phrase, the eventually affected could not suit you for slander… So, not willing to fight the intellectuals, I put a “?” in the title…

But, in fact, I know pretty positively that, at least with me, thinking too much, reflecting too long, kills the “art” in my works... Maybe the only thing it kills is the spontaneity and the vigor which comes, usually, with working fast and without too much “thought”… You can reflect and theorize AFTERWARDs, if you want, but when you draw, DRAW. And when you paint, PAINT…

I have to say that, in certain aspects of art, I am almost obtuse. I abhor, for instance, the Mondrian “paintings” (the late Mondrians because he did some pretty good paintings in the beginning… he just got finally in a cul de sac which he thought was the ultimate painting…) , those rectangles and squares and cercles in different colors. And I adhor also all the “followers”, all the ingineers and architecs… No texture, no richness, nothing interesting for the eye there… Maybe some minds do take an immense, intense pleasure to look at those – could be, I wouldn’t know – but for me they do not fulfill Delacroix’s conditions for a good painting: they – or shall I say “IT” – aren’t a “feast for the eye”...

… and painting is all about the “eye” (wasn’t Cezanne speaking about Claude Monet, first kind of in scorn : “Monet is nothing else but an eye” but then doing him right: “but WHAT AN EYE!” ?)

The 2 paintings here are some very different kind of 2005 stuff: one is a weird, almost non figurative one (“Ares”) the second is one of my “bizarro-baroques” (kind of surrealist) things: it’s called “The Cariatides”…

I will not say they are “feasts for the eye”…but I tried…


2 responses to “Intellectualism kills authentic art?

  1. I am not a fan of Mondrian either, we agree there. Much to dry and boring, … you gotta have some kind of movement, some kind of feeling in the work.

  2. ovidiu stanomir

    hopa, iata doua noi chestii “pizzaro-taroques”! halucinante…

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