Statistics 2005: finis

I could show you some other paintings from 2005 but this blog is not supposed to be exhaustive… just a teaser…

Maybe, the same way Picasso had Teriade to compose (on his own expenses) the catalogue of his work, I’ll find my “Teriade”, ha,ha… If not (and my patience is kind of exhausting…) I’ll do it myself, if I have the time… If you want something well done, do it yourself, isn’t that what they say? (that’s also why I do praise myself….)

Anyway, in 2005 I’ve draw and paint 471 works. I do not count how many of each kind (and even this “kind” is difficult to classify for me: when a drawings becomes a painting?) but this is the final catalogue number: 471. Not so bad.

I did already told you I HAVE a catalogue, didn’t I? A written one, with no reproductions (even if I do reproduce sistematically my drawings and paintings; how else could I show this old ones?) but noting the essential information, just like Paul Klee (from whom I got the idea) . Starting the first of January (or about) closing at 31 december, or about…

To close the year, I will post here two significant paintings: one is my Dada-Danu self portrait, an interpretation/ replica/ parody? of a De Chirico painting entitled, I think, something like The child brain sleepsBreton did himself an interpretation of this painting. In the De Chirico painting, the man (which wasn’t exactly my portrait but not that far away; I did make him look like me in mine…) had both eyes closed. In the Breton’s “interpretation” it had both eyes opened. In mine, one eye si closed, one is opened, and, on the table, I’ve wrote all the significant facts – sometimes not so certain – about the fondation of the DADA movement and about the foundation of myself, as an artist…DA-NU.

The other one is a somehow cabalistical-phantasmagorical (?) landscape from my native and mythical town, Sibiu, in the SE of Transylvania.

Its atmosphere, sometimes, can suggest Francois Villon or, yes, of course, Draculya (that’s the exact ortography used to sign documents by Vlad the Impaler himself; and he was – really was – there, in Sibiu; he lived about 2 years, after he got liberated from Buda’s prison; he also ordered the outskirts of town burned and pillaged years before when the Saxon merchants whom led the town pissed him off…)

For me, essentially, is the town of my birth and chilhood, and adolescence and even adulthood… The most important place on earth if, or course, I would give any importance to places…


7 responses to “Statistics 2005: finis

  1. Great atmosphere in the painting of Sibiu, Danu! I can just imagine the evil Vlad taking his evening stroll by the walls after a hard day’s impaling! (though I imagine when you’ve achieved THAT level of notoriety you have people to do it for you)

  2. He wasn’t that bad, Kev! Impaling, at that time, wans’t even that special, you know. Just that he used sistematically and for reasons others udes, maybe, a good flogging: he’s known to have impaled a woman who kept her husband dirty and unkept… It was a great example and for a time after all husbands were very clean and very well kept… Thanks, Kevin! Sorry I visit only occasionally CC but I’m searching for a second job…art selling being what they are…

  3. Danu, your argument for Vlad the impaler being reasonable is so persuasive, you could surely have a great career in sales! 🙂

  4. Nobody – not even some bloody dictator – would buy my impaling arguments, keV! but thanks… Sometimes I think too I would have been a good lawyer because I like dialectics…

    And I was planning (still am!) a comic book about Draculya… but I need some research to be done and that could only be done in Romania…

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    DaNu_le, faine imagini, le stiu de mai de mult; interesanta e parafraza la De Chirico si Dada – DaNu…

    Cu Sibiul sunt prea obisnuit ca sa ma emotionez (prea tare); cat despre Draculya… nici in “tepsha” nu ma doare;

  6. Se pare ca ne-am petrecut pe net…altadata om reusi sa ne messagerim… Eh, incerc sa inaintez un pic cu cronologia “operei” mele…ajunsei la 2006!

  7. ovidiu stanomir


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