2006:some more statistics…and Joana

I finished my last post with a statistic… 471 works (drawings and paintings) realized during the year 2005… Well, there are artists out there whom are producing more than that… I do not know if (considering I’m not too lax with quality) this is a lot, ok, or very little… I just know, looking at numbers that my productivity decrease year after year:

2006: 394 drawings & paintings; 2007: a full 100… 2008: about 70 until now… We are getting older, aren’t we?

I won’t compare myself with Van Gogh, for instance. I know he let about 800-900 paintings and a few thousand drawings… but I’s not for me to do such comparisons… first, I’m just an ordinary artist, who couldn’t (wouldn’t?) get the attention of any medias. I did not (yet) cut my ear or get into an asylum and nowdays you have to have a lot more going for you than some originality (but not enough to found a new art current) and some native qualities as a draughtman or colorist...

You have to live in New York or Paris or London, you have to have – probably – a ferocious desire to succed and to be famous and, most of all, you have to have a lot of luck, to know the right people… I have none of those… so, very probably, I will remain an obscure, almost unknown artist. No big deal! I did and do what I like most, I took my right “to exercise my gift” (W.H. Auden) and my modest existence found its meaning… It’s not a thing a lot of people can bragg about…

I would have wished I could do more for my children… I would have wished they knew more (or be more interested) in what I do… But, that’s life, isn’t it? Children grow up and get their own life. Parents experience and advice is usually wasted and very probable, their children too will grow up and have their own life…and their own, personal, errors…

To start 2006 I will show you (you, my few friends and you, those who browse the Internet, searching for a meaning…) 2 watercolors of my daughter, Joana. She’s almost the only one of my children I draw and paint a few times… I do not know why not the others. In fact, neither of them were willing to pose for me (and I did not insisted) and even these 2 are made after fleeting photographs… Maybe I’ll dig some more in my photo archive, one day… But, mind you, I did some progress in the watercolor technique…


6 responses to “2006:some more statistics…and Joana

  1. I remembered the top one from another post–very nice. Your colors and drawing in the second one are even more complex and beautiful. Though your style is different, the way you fill the picture with luscious color reminds me of Degas’ pastels.

  2. Thanks, swallows, for comparing me with Degas. He’s an artist I admire a lot, so witty, so uncompromising (true, he could afford it…) sa talented… so intuitive, also…

    Somehow, all the paintings I see and saw (and I’ve looked at plenty of them) are in the back of my mind when I paint… and when something good gets done, probably there is an incounscius (?) synthesis…

  3. That couch piece is very nice. Love the color and composition.

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    o dragalashenie de fata !

  5. Glad you like it, bill!

  6. Da, Ovidiu, si culmea ca pare sa ne intzelegem mai bine de cand o duc si aduc de la servici. Pacat ca fumeaza! Dar de fumat fumeaza TOTZI copiii mei! cum, habar n-am ca nici eu nici No n-o facem…

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