Eating people

There is some ambiguity in my title…but that’s not bad, I think. It suggest people eating but also the kind of mild canibalism my looking at them eating, and drawing them, is… In fact, what I do is not always kind (even if I’m not deliberately mean). It seems that looking at people (and even more, photographing or drawing them) while they eat it’s not quite polite… Not as bad as peeping tom but not very far away… Degas did it. Toulouse Lautrec did it. Why not me?

Well…when the wind is howling, in the long, extra long, Quebec winter (you’ll notice maybe that the following drawings were made in MARS 06) you’ll do almost anything to pass your time. And if you like drawing, you draw wathever stays in place (relatively) for a few minutes. And since eating demands that you sit… The place where I do this voyeurism exercise is a kind of mall concentration of fast food joints I call The FAST Food Pit (or, in French, Le Trou a bouffe)… So, here they are:


2 responses to “Eating people

  1. These are as good as others of people eating that you posted months ago. Seems like you could get a job making a big mural painting (for a fast food place)by putting together some of them. Though those places all have standardized decoration, don’t they? I think eaters would spend more time looking at the characters in your mural than at the live people around them.
    I bet you had to pay for that bearded guy’s coffee to humor him.

  2. I wish…! and yes, they have standardized decoration (did you see the movie Fallen Down, with Michael Douglas? there is a scene in a fast food joint that proves my point…) and no, I did”t have to humor him – but I kept my destances – I draw him from across the room…didn’t seem to care, one way or another…

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