More eating people…

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6 responses to “More eating people…

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    DaNu_le, ai surprins niste scene realmente foarte expresive…

    Incet-incet, iti alcatuiesti o colectie interesanta de tipologii si ipostasuri.

    Succes ! si bani, of course!

  2. Multzumesc, ovidiu. Idem si tzie!

  3. These are very cool paintings. I like them all. I can see drawing people eating as you could do that without them knowing, but painting?

  4. I like them all too, Danu. Each one is a little story–you are really good at people. That guy in the middle also looks like he’s sitting at a computer–he’s so taken in; but I guess he’s waiting to cram that sandwich into his mouth as soon as his girlfriend on the other side of the table finishes her paragraph.

  5. Yes, they are all great Danu!
    I like to sketch people at all these daily activities like eating, drinking, smoking, reading newspapers… It is a delight to watch at them and try to catch their own special way of doing these simple things. You are fantastic at it!

  6. Glad you like it, bill and swallows and miki! I plan to go and do others in the bleach days – long, cold days – to come… So that I don”t loose my “hand”…

    I think I could paint them without (or almost without them knowing, bill) because I draw them from a distance, across the room… and looking discretely… looking away when they caught my eye…

    Yes, swallows, a lot o stories you can guess… they don’t have to be true or exact…si non e verro… good exercise for novelists too…

    Tes croquis sont tout aussi (sinon plus) bonnes que les miens, miki… And yes, it’s quite interesting (and maybe relevant, too) to observe people doing these ordinary, everyday actions, not posing… The posing falsify a bit…

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