Marie Soleil and some more watercolor pencils…

Since it seems not a bad pattern, I alternate my chronological works presentation with what I do in the present… So, I bookmark 2006 “eating people” and show you some nude drawings of Marie Soleil, one of our new models…

She’s nice, great body, nice posing, blue eyes, auburn hair (including the pubian! real auburn!)… The only shadow: because of the light (or for some other reason) she is frowning… Which, I think, gives her a charm, something special and different… The drawings I made initially – about 10 days ago – were, of course, a bit more “worked out” (“travailles” in French)afterwards and I was trying to take advantage of the smooth, deep, dark black green of the Ivory Black Dervent watercolor pencil… I really like them: easy to work with, with very deep tones of black and still the posiblity of light, delicate shadowing (as in the back viewed nude I post here). A technique to perfectionate, again and again…

There is also, in these drawings, a certain candor I cannot define, something naive but interesting…

Of course, Copyright texts & images @Dan Iordache, 2008


6 responses to “Marie Soleil and some more watercolor pencils…

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    Ce femeie… solara !, ce mandretze de nuduri ! Bravos, DaNu !

  2. Multzam, Ovidiu! Pacat ca n-am totdeauna cei 12 $ necesari ca sa merg sa desenez in fiecare saptamana… Marie Soleil (da, solara) nu e deloc un model neinteresant!

  3. Really wonderful figure work here, Danu! I think these are some of my favorites of yours that I’ve seen. Such an interesting face and I like the furrowed brow and frown you’ve given her – more interesting than some of the bland expressions you see in models. Really interesting backgrounds you’ve added, which makes the model even more intriguing.

    Looking forward to seeing more of these. It’s great to have a good and interesting model, no?

  4. Yes, bob,having an interesting model could be – is – one of the best things that could happen to a painter… and the merit for the furrowed brow and the frown is hers… I just recorded it – with some kind of candor (that would be my merit)… Thanks!

    I remember both Renoir and Matisse had their prefered model in their old age… Gabrielle for Renoir eand some Hungarian lady for Matisse… They loved working with them…

  5. What does all the text written around the figures say? Not that it really matters – it really works for me, adds a touch of intrigue. . .

  6. Susan: sometimes it’s just my signature and the date of completion (?) complition? – sometimes my thoughts of the day (I was angry with our prime minister Harper for cutting funding for artists… even if I don<t get any…) but mostly they are what we do call, in French, des RAPPELS, repetion of directions etc. to give rythm to the piece… the content, from my point of view, is not that important, scribblings…

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