Some more Marie Soleil drawings…

There are simply some studies of the old – very old! – theme of the artist and his model… and at least one has some more readable scribblings (I think, Susan…)

I write those mainly to make conterpoints (rappels) to other directions, lines, etc. But also to note my thoughts of the day (or of the moment). No big deal. Just graffitis…

There is also a story behind this drawings… The “artist” there is Andre, a long time collegue for the nude drawings sessions. I cannot say he’s a friend of mine (I make friends quite easily but, usually, I do not insist and have more like an ermit strike (drive?)… But I know all the same he’s quite sick and probably force himself to have the energy to come and draw… I certaily hope it does him good and that he will defeat sickness. There is no doubt a certain contrast between his sickness steaken face and body and the seal-like healthy sensual body of Marie Soleil, obviously not sick… But what can one do? That’s life. There is a time for health and fornication and there is a time for sickness and worst…


6 responses to “Some more Marie Soleil drawings…

  1. interesting story.

  2. Glad you like them, bill! I like the first one more…

  3. Good observation here Danu! Can you write more on the idea your trying to express here? I am curious and you have a very philosophical take on life and are well read.

  4. Hi, Michael! I only can guess that you are interested in the hermit streak? or the citation from the Ecclesiates? Could you be more specific, so I can answer you better?

    And how are you, apart that?

  5. By the way, Michael, a painter who is also a great novelist is the brazilien quebecois Serge Kokis! If you don”t know him already … he’s worth a try! L<art du maquillage (Art of Deception) is one of his best! and I just finished Le fou de Bosch, another very very interesting reading…

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