2006 Nudes: Anna

It could seem, since I call them by their first name, that I know quite well my models… Not true. I call them by their first name in the north american style, where, without a real aquintance, we all call ourselves by the first name… The young guy who changes my tires call me, eventually, dan… doesn’t mean he really knows me. Or that he cares…

I wish, no doubt (and my work would improve ), to have more profound and lasting relationship with “my” models… but, first, they are not “mine” (being a public and collective nude drawing session) and, second, I do not have the time, the money and the courage to have my own, private, models, like Renoir and Matisse. Even if I am almost as harmless as they were…in their old age.

So, I only do the decent thing to ask their name and to name my paintings after… This is Anna, a beautiful young woman of light brown skin, as smooth (the skin) as a seal and reflecting the light in a very subtle way. I hope I’ve caught some of it…

The technique is acrylic ink and watercolor on Strathmore cold pressed paper.

(Of course, the images and teh text is copyrighted to Dan Iordache, 2006.)


8 responses to “2006 Nudes: Anna

  1. These are wonderful, Danu. I like the top one the best–the colors and the curves of the figure.

    I have noticed how you use the models’ names. It does make the art feel more personal. It has made me think that I should record the names of the models I draw at sketchgroup, for my own reference, at least. There are certainly some models that spark my creativity more than others. But once the figure is in my art, their identity is completely what I make of them, and their names are irrelevent.

    But that does make me think, about bodies without names. It seems cold and detached.

  2. Oh, I am curious about that symbol you add on your paintings, in the oval. A form of signature?

  3. You are too kind, Shelleymouse! In fact, I’m kind of proud for using their names (and knowing it! since almost nobody – except me – in my group , specifically ask of their names; ok, I do it mainly to be able to entitle with exactitude my paintings but also as an homage, modest homage, to them… I could entitle my nudes, “Nude no….” after all…)

    Yes, the “scarecrow”… the scarecrow, l<epouventaille en francais, is since 2005, I think, my signature – or one of my signatures… It’s also an homage: to the Jerry Schatzberg`s movie, with Al Pacino and Gene Hackman. The first artistical affirmation – specific! – that humor can be a survival solution… even if and when life is cruel or tragic, here and there… Also a refference to my exterior: kind of old, kind of scary but harmless, usually… Also-also, an homage to the Japonese artists and Chinese culture, with their ideogrammes…

  4. I like the top piece as well. There is something very appealing about the curves and the way they relate to the background space.

  5. I like those beautiful colors of yours, Danu.

  6. Well, I like them all! But the top one does have something special – for me it’s the way that the sensuous curves of the body counterpose with the straight lines in the background.

    All of them have your signature strength of color.

    Working with private models is different – I do this with my figurative photography. Though I admit that I always invite my wife to accompany me on these sessions – I think it makes everyone feel a little more comfortable!

  7. I like it too. but I had some trouble with the “no head, no toes” thing? some women did reproach me that, especailly the no head thing… I didnt do it on purpose and for me it was just doing a “gros plan”, a detail of the body (especially the curves you mentionned…) True, a lot of excessive feminist over here, in Quebec… They did interpret it like an actual beheading, like a sadism etc… Common!

    I can understand that. My wife – I’m separated but we are still friends and never divorced – or will – perform a little jelousy act, every time I go to the drawing session even if I’m almost completely harmless in that way… and drawing and painting is – not rarely and sorry ladies! – better than sex! (but my wife of 27 years is now a bit over religious and that not helps…)

  8. femeia, eterna poveste…

    si povestea asta a ta, e simplu si convingator prezentata. felicitari!; a cata oara !?!

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