Mustachioed Dracula and Irises: 2006

Even if, sometimes, I could be one of them, I’ve always detested the cocky arrogant bastards. How can be someone so sure of anything? Having – or just showing – no doubt about him or herself?

I’m pretty sure there is SOMETHING in me there isn’t in everybody, something original, maybe. Not good, not bad, just different… And this something did manifested, for me, in my drawings and paintings. (No novel written yet…)

But from this, to be cocky sure I am a genius… well, I don’t think I’ve made that step. Instead, some are doing it and some others are believing it… Maybe all it takes is this un shattered belief?  I know that Vincent Van Gogh was not one of those cocky bastards. He never claimed – as far as I know – genius as being his. He even wrote Aurier, after the publishing of his essay on Van Gogh, and told him that maybe Gauguin and others had more merits than himself. He was truly and sincerely modest. Well, for me, it isn’t exactly «modesty» to compare myself with Van Gogh but I’m almost sure he would not have minded…

Anyway, here are two 2006 paintings: one is a simile-self-portrait (under the form of a Mustachioed Dracula) and the other is one of the 3-4 studies of Irises I did (in a way, trying to see what I can do with them, after Vincent…)



18 responses to “Mustachioed Dracula and Irises: 2006

  1. Draga Danu

    De cite ori vizitez blogul tau sunt impresionat de energia care emaneaza din tablourile tale, de fapt in asta imho te asemeni cu Vincent.
    Well done!
    Btw, acest Kokis ito seaman in stil dupa parerea mea, nu e de mirare ca-ti place.


  2. NU am putut sa-mi corectez greselile de tipar in mesajul anterior, ultima propozitie trebuia sa fie
    “Btw, acest Kokis iti seamana in stil dupa parerea mea, etc.”

    tot Rafi

  3. Am inteles oricum, rafi. merci de aprecieri si de vizita!

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    Greu de gasit contrast mai mare intre Draculea cel mustacios si irisi (parca avea si Manet niste tablouri cu irisi, nu doar Van Gogh) !

    Foarte interesante picturile, fiecare in felul sau…

  5. I remember those irises from a former post of yours and I like them very much.

  6. Ovidiu: da, cred ca are si irisi desi cel mai celebru e pentru lotusi…

    swallows: I did indeed reproduce it on Ion Vincent Danu’s Daily Paintings, I think. Anyway, it’s 2006… These days I am a bit more busy – I have a 2nd job – so don’t be surprised if, for a moment, I will be less present on the net…

  7. Danu

    Interesting to see these two paintings together – what a range you have! I love the self-portrait! Looks like you worked out some inner demons with that one. Great counterpoint to the calm repose of the irises.

    There are not many ways more satisfying than making art to reveal the uniqueness of each of us, as you say.

  8. Yes, bob, I have plenty of those! (seems even that painting is not enough to purge them; I think I begin to approach the “term” in starting to write my small novel – see what I range I have? But range isn,t everything and you know it. Quality is probably even more important. and I’m not so sure I can get that most of the time… but it feels good even to try…

    In a month or too I will be less stressed by financial matters (I got a second part-time job) but I will certainly have less time to write – and even to read, unfortunatelly – posts on blogs… But, what can I say? It’s a time for everything and right now I have to earn some money…

    By the way, Big Sur is somewhere near you? (I,ve just listened an old Henry Miller’s interview at radio France)…

  9. ovidiu stanomir


    adica, “Irisi”-i lui Manet

  10. Nu-i nici un bai; am facut cercetarile doar “de amorul artei”. Asta nu scade cu nimic valoarea tabloului tau, care-i f. fain. dimpotriva, zic ca te onoreaza o asemenea “vecinatate”.

    Sa fim iubiti !

    Ovidius Publi(cistic)us Naso(lus)!

  11. Am vazut, Ovidiu, fotografia irisilor (nu stiu daca sunt cei ai lui Monet, dar sunt irisi, e sigur). Nu m-am ofuscat sau ceva de geneul asta – doamne feri! – ci, pur si simplu, am o mica comanda mare – ce vrea sa zica ca sunt multe caricaturi dar nu ff bine platite… dar cu potential publicitar… O carte de Craciun a Universitatzii din sherbrooke (administratia) cu caricaturi ale membrilor…

    Deci, sunt pur si simplu ocupat, mai ales ca maine incep formatia la St. Ca. -vreo 3 zile o sa fiu “out”…

  12. Danu

    We live about 3-4 hours north of Big Sur, a most beautiful spot! I used to be a big Henry Miller fan in my youth, haven’t read him in ages.

  13. Wow!

    I still am a fan of his, even if I like mostly his personality, his ideas and way of life – he was also a painter, you know, of course, and he has a small book about his connexion to painting called, TO PAINT IS TO LOVE AGAIN which is very very interesting for us (and touching). Of course, he did not have a lot of native talent, he just made drawings and especially watercolors but he did love it! and it seem to have done a lot for him, for his mind and soul, when he was not writing…

  14. The flower painting is great. The man looks like he has some anger management issues.

  15. Thanks for appreciation, bill. as for the guy, some punk just littered his garden and wrote on the side of his house some graffitti…

    I have to go see Jack Nicholson…

  16. You and Van Gogh definitely would have been friends. It would be a fascinating study to see what traits you have in common, aside from painting style. Your first painting is rather terrifying to me, but the second is one I can look at and enjoy a long time.

  17. Danu,
    Te rog sa-mi ierti tacerea si disparitia. Din nefericire, nu mai am timp pentru lucruri placute.

  18. I love your use of colour in the dracula piece, Danu.
    ..and your theme interests me. What will garner more success? Humility? or Arrogance? i think it depends very much on the temperament of the individual. Some people can feed on an arrogant outlook as a means of creating unshakeable self-belief. Richie Blackmore, world-famous guitarist with Deep Purple was famously quoted as saying “he could wipe the floor with most guitarists” – so it clearly worked for him. but I think other individuals who have a quiet self-belief need not resort to shouting it from the rooftops and can (perhaps a little annoyingly!) afford to be humble.

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