La belle Gabrielle

If I was younger (25 years younger…) I would probably had fall in love with the peachy, fresh, young rubensian Gabrielle…


Here it is a modest homage to her beauty – which, of course, will fade away so quickly, helas! – since she’s gone (if what I’ve heard is true) to Alaska… probably to try to overturn Sarah Palin!But my paintings will forever (let’s say, forever…) testify to that prime time in her life. I wish her luck, wherever she is! Though I don’t get this quite well: leaving Quebec to move to Alaska!…


(Of course, this is also a trick for me to finish quicker with my posts, without totally quitting it; life grabed me by the collar – you didn’t thought I will use other words, did you?! – and I will have a lot less leisure time to write and read on the Internet…)


Copyright @ Dan Iordache, 2008


15 responses to “La belle Gabrielle

  1. cred si eu… supranumele Gabrielle-i tre’ ca este “ispita”; pe scurt – EVA !

    care ne intoarce spatele cu o superba gratie;

  2. Ne intoarce si fata, ca sa zic asa, Ovidiu!

  3. DaNu_le, fata asta cre’ ca face fata (adica, “fatza”) cu brio in (mai) orice imprejurare…

  4. chiar si in alaska, eh?

  5. What wonderful hair! Of course, I’m married to a redhead myself so I have a fine appreciation of that trait. And you’ve paid homage to red hair with your vibrant color!

    I love the way you use shadows on the body to create a 3 dimensional feel in a most interesting way.

    She does look peachy – good description!

  6. Thanks, bob1 I love redhead (Irish is even better : redhair AND green eyes! even Julianne Moore, in Shortcuts by Robert altman was great, even I’m not sure about the eyes…)

    Not only that she looked peachy – she WAS peachy! You know, that rare skin that engulfs (?) the light and then radiates it back… like an aura, like a glow… The kind of skin Renoir adored, the skin that doesn’t repel light…

  7. Chiar si la Polu’ Nord, caci fatza ei pare a fi indreptata mereu catre sud, catre soare ‘carevaszica”…

  8. Wow Danu such great paintings. I have been and will continue to be a fan of your paintings and your thoughts. It is a pleasure to know of such a brilliant mind. Kindest, Michael

  9. Thanks, Michael. you are too kind. One day soon, I hope also to be able to read your novels… I hope work goes well.

  10. To hell with being 25 years younger, go for it. Sometimes it works if you tell them you are a billionare with a bad heart.

    Good paintings!

  11. I would, bill, I would…but I risk to meet Sarah Palin… which, by the way, is not so bad, as a nude model…I think…

  12. versionscelestes


    Nice work Ivdanu.

    A très bientôt

    Versions Célestes

  13. Thaks, versions celestes!

  14. I love the way you not only paint the model, but do such interesting backgrounds as well.
    Alaska must feel like the land of opportunity to this young lady – or perhaps she’s following some handsome young man. . .?

    • Ido my best, susan1 and , of course, she went to alaska after a man… you know the French saying Cherchez l’homme…

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