My almost final Mona Lisa

There it is, my almost final Mona Lisa… I’ve finished it (some small details still to change) the 31 of December 2008, the 113 work I’ve done last year. Not an extraordinary number and nothing absolutely stunning either…Just another year…

My life changed a bit – for the better, in certain ways – and I will be a lot more concise (which is not a bad thing, maybe…) in my posts…

Mona Lisa – Gabrielle, is just a painting I had to finish and I’ve changed it only in small ways (a raven, for instance)… I hope you, my readers, will like it.

And a Happy New Year!



11 responses to “My almost final Mona Lisa

  1. A wonderful way to end the year, Danu! What a transformation this piece has gone through since its inception. It’s been fascinating to watch the evolution – thanks for sharing that process. I am impressed that you have such a commitment to a work to see it to its conclusion that way.

    113 works of art in the year – seems like a lot to me! Not a small achievement, I think.

  2. thanks, bob! you are too kind. 113 is not so much if you consider that most of them are smal size or even drawings. But Paul Klee from whom I took the system did the same. He noted in his catalogue every sketch, each drawing and painting which he considered ok. I had better years. In 2004 or 2005 I was in the range of 400-500 works…

    but then this are only numbers and quality is more important… still, I’m glad I finished – let’s say finished – my Mona Lisa…

  3. I do like it, Danu. A very nice work.

    I like the figure, raven, and the lizard.

    Happy New Year and whatever the number, may your paintings turn out just the way you want.

  4. thanks, bill! I like the rav en best…

    I also hope the future will be good for you and yours and, why not? also for all artists…I suposse other categories can take care of themselves…

    Even if I do not always comment, I read with great pleasure your blog and lisa,s…

  5. Mihail Medrea

    Socanta imagine ! Stranie faptura! Daca nu te deranjeaza, am s-o folosesc in cartea mea…

  6. Oh, it is a beautiful Mona Lisa ! I love the colors, the eyes, the raven…

  7. Thak you, napa(valley?)belle! It has already changed, in reality, and the reproduction wasn,t too good (light reflects on one side)… Still have some work to do until I’m really satisfied. But thanks a lot for your visit!

  8. I liked it. What is it about the lizard?

  9. The lizard…well, usually I like snakes but there wasn,t enough room for them and I,ve found in a book about Australia these lizard with – really! – blue tongue…Ijust needed an element there and I thought the lizard would pe nice…compositionnally…

  10. Multzam, angelica!

    Pentru vorba de la noi, din Ardeal! (io sunt sibian, de origine) Multzumesc si de vizita.

    Am vazut citatul din Paler pe care ti-l asumi. Interesant. In aceeasi vana, daca te intereseaza: Deepak Chopra (un medic californian de origine, evident, indiana) si Wyne W. Dyer, un autor american intzelept fara ostentatie, care nu vorbeste din burta, ca a trait chestiile…

    PS. Pt. tine, adaug o varianta adaptata a epitafului lui Kazanzakis (vezi cel mai nou post):

    Regret nothing. Hope nothing. Fear nothing. BEE FREE.”

    Numa bine,

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