A time for Everything

It is said there is a time for everything…

Well, just now, for me, it is the time to make a pause – short I hope – in my activity as a blogger. and not only: I will draw and paint some (otherwise I will be depressed or/and jumpy!) but not much… Good things happen in my life right now and I try to savurate them…in silence.

I certainly hope my friends – known and unknown – will not totally and for ever desert me… I will come back, sometime…

Be good. Be wise, if you can. And last but not least, VOILA! my adaptation to the Kazanzakis epitaph (I will demand to my family to put it to mine, too):



4 responses to “A time for Everything

  1. Dear Danu,

    I am sooooooooooo glad to hear that good things are happening in your life, this is the most important thing ever!
    I don’t come often here, but you are in our thoughts, always.
    A big hug

  2. Je vais faire de mon mieux, Miki! and thanks1 I too think of you and Kevin and all the other Internet friends and I say to myself: well, we will meet again in a month or in a year, just as if we parted the other day…the way of true friends.

  3. I would never desert you, Danu, silent or not!! Savor all those good things, reflect on them, exult in them, however is your way to do so. Carpe diem, mon ami, carpe diem!!
    Cu mult drag si prietenie intotdeauna….

  4. Thanks a bunch, D! I’ll do just that! and I hope you”ll do the same…

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