Small progress…

As it happens, things weren’t so good as I hoped…But no big deal, as I already said… I did read a bit (Watts, some books about St. Francis d’Assissi and even some Hasek and alphonse Allais…) and I’ve also draw and paint a bit. I even made some progress, , with my Mona Lisa.


And started a few new ones…


I just take it easy, trying to survive this winter, enjoying the air not as cold as in December, with smells of wood smoke…


4 responses to “Small progress…

  1. Danu, just an idea about the Mona Lisa, she evolves so beautifully… You have, pot presupun, photos of all the “versions”, nu? I think it would be really interesting if you made a print/poster/collage of them all together or even a triptych-type presentation with just a few of them. Or to exhibit them in a local gallery there. It’s a really wonderful painting!

  2. Not a bad ideea at all, D! As for fow wonderfull it is, that will change, I’m afraid… I have this ideea to get it very dark skinned (maybe giving it a “thin layer” of violet or something…) to make the eyes even more evident… I got also a good name for it, I will call it Othella… Sorry! today I’m kind of jittery&jumpy since my bad tooth aches so bad I had to renouce to go to work, losing 50 $ I (theoretically) cannot aford to lose…

  3. Looking forward to the next “incarnation” of this painting, in a darker mode. Othella, interesant. (“Painted not wisely, but too well” ? Cer scuze la shakespeare ;-)…Sau, how about the Black Madonna (‘Fecioara Neagra’, correct?) as those at Barcelona Cathedral, Czestohowa Poland, etc.? Meanwhile, I hope your tooth-ache goes away very soon and you’ll feel better!

  4. Great idea, D! Othella, Black Madonna is even better. But I have to do it first… I also hope tooth aches goes away (otherwise I will hang myself from it! or use the door to extract it… or a skating like TomHanks in Lost…)

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