Birth of a painting…

After a few thousand of drawings and paintings, I still don’t know how, exactly, a painting is born…

But here there are 3 versions (chronologically succesives) of one of my latest painting: La Sarasina, Don Quixotte &  Don Sancho Panza… a long title but I like it… La Sarasina (ou Sarachina?) is the old prostitute, dansing the rumba in 8 1/2 de Fellini…and I know it’s not “Don” Sancho Panza (but I prefer it that way…)  Anyway, all these movie – literary dipshit doesn’t count…




I kind of like this last creature of mine… Don’t ask me if it’s “finished”… I haven’t the faintest… I might even ruin it…

Of course, copyright@2009, dan iordache


3 responses to “Birth of a painting…

  1. Mihail Medrea

    este f. sugestiva scurta – dar vioaia – ta lectie de pictura…

  2. I like the top piece. It sort of looks like insects emerging from plants. Beautiful.

  3. I, too, like the top piece. Maybe because it’s a little more abstract. Great colors as well!

    I guess you mention the only two states one of my paintings can end up in – finished and ruined! I always do one or the other…

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