The scarecrow principle

The scarecrow principle is that he has none. But he accepts all.

The same as he accepts everything else. It rains. Good. The sun is shinning. Ok. It snows. So what? He accepts it.

Old, stinky raggs clothes him. His old carcass is rotten and he is ridicoulous (or sinister, or whatever) with that fancy hat and all. People laugh at him.

Crows and other birds are scared of him (that the jist of it, no?)

But then they get used to him and start sitting on his shoulders. Or head. They even shit on him. So what? That’s life.


On the other hand, artists take him as a model. Some may even paint some bloody masterpiece with him as main character. They even wrote poems and made films with him. Big deal.

Since he was planted there, in the cornfiel (or wherever) he has to be there. No choice. No legs to take him far away. For what? Is there faraway any better? Maybe. Maybe not.

Either you stay put and the world whirls around you or you break the sound barrier in a fancy Porsche, what’s the difference? None, whatsoever.

The say – the Japanese, is it? – that you arrive at your destination when you cease to travel.

Anyway, the scarecrow accepts that too… He is. As simple as that. HE IS. As long as it takes…

Copyright text and image @ dan iordache, 2009


8 responses to “The scarecrow principle

  1. Danu

    Very cool painting! Best scarecrow I’ve seen. I love the starry sky…

    I’ve always been drawn to anything in life which accepts what happens, no matter what. Probably because I have such a hard time of it myself! I often think of things in nature, such as tall trees or birds as being so unfazed by what happens around them. I’ll add the scarecrow to that list!

  2. Thanks, Bob! You know, of course, that little scarecrow which is, in a way, my sign, my signature…

    I just have seen the last part of Zorba the Greek, the old (as old as myself) movie with anthony queen and alan bates, after the book of Nikos Kazanzakis… great movie! Well, zorba is one that learned – like myself – painfully, to accept… Younger, I was kind of bookish and ìntelectual`like alan bates character… Now, I hope, I am more like Zorba…

    See, I wrote «I hope», even if I started to try to put into practice the adapted Kazanzakis epitaph: Regret nothing. Hope nothing. fear nothing. BE FREE». But, damn! it`s not that easy to hope nothing…

    Thesettlast months I started to understand one and other…For instance, this post was composed half awake…I,ve dreamt it and then, immediately, I sit at my oak table and wrote it… This is one discovery: don’t hesitate, don,t procrastinate: DO immediately what you just thought of doing…

    Some good days for painting, lately, too… Lousy finances but good days for painting… And God! it`s so damn much BETTER to be good for painting than for money!

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    the next generation of scarecrows…

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    scarry, scarry, night…

  5. Danu, your scarecrow is AWESOME! Grozav, “cumplit de frumos”! The painting… and the metafor, too. Yes, I sometimes recur to the scarecrow principle… Anyway, I’m glad you are having good days for painting, what you do for love rather than money. (There is a book, however, “do what you love and the money will follow”… Maybe that is true, but I’m rather cynical about it……..)

  6. Hi, deborah! Thanks. I think Dr. Dyer – among others – says that thing…Could be true since he doesn,t give a term…If you do what you love for 30 years, say, some money could follow, maybe… But anyhow, what,s the use of money if you don’t like entirely what you do? Glad you visit!

  7. Your painting is amazing, Danu! The colors are magical, and all the details keep drawing me in deeper.

    I always enjoy your writing. Your point of view on the scarecrow leaves me very thoughtful.

    I don’t want to sound contradictory, but the scarecrow in your painting almost appears to have wings. Is he about to take flight?

  8. Oh, boy! I see I rebloged this with slight modifications without remembering…must be altzheimer…

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