In memoriam: Jerrold S. Carton

Oh, boy! Jerrold is gone!

He was immensely gifted as a painter. He left marvelous paintings, (apparently) simple ones, true ones, some of the best realist paintings I know. No artsy-fartsy conceptual, avangardistic, abyssal etc. art. Just beautiful paintings, painted with talent and love. The paintings which usually get snobed by the “critics” and loved by the models and buyers. And, for all I know, my intuition tells me he was a good man…


I did not knew him personally… I met him on Sito ( and for years we look up reciprocally the new paintings each of us posted.  We echanged ideas and appreciations and I just felt we were brothers in that Brotherhoo/Sisterhood of Art thing, Robert Henri speak of. But sometimes we do not need words to comprehend each other…

He was still young, of course. And now he’s wandering out there, in the beautiful landscapes he so well painted (Van Gogh would have liked, no doubt, some of his direct, SIMPLE (simple being the most complicated thing to get, a master thing)  or in the pure air around his portraits (some of the most wonderful being those of his daughters and wife). Every time I will miss him, I’ll go to SITO and look some more …

Here there are, some I like most:




So long, Jerrold, brother! We’ll meet again (tomorrow or in 20 years, who knows?) out there…


I hope Jeanne Carton will not be angry because I did not have (and didn’t ask) for copyright permission to publish these…


14 responses to “In memoriam: Jerrold S. Carton

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  2. Mihail Medrea

    Draga DaNu_le,

    ma bucur ca ni l-ai descoperit pe Jerrold !

    Multzam fain!

    Intr-adevar, era un pictor f. bun. Cel mai mult mi-a placut replica la “Fata cu cercel de perla” a lui Verlaine…/ pardon, a lui Vermeer…

  3. Cum spuneam, ma bucur ca te bucuri… mai vorbim…

  4. Carrie Marshall

    Thank you for your kind words. He was my father.

    • Jerry will be truly missed. I was one of his art students. I would think of him often after I left Mo. He was a very nice man, and very talented. It saddens me to know he is no longer with us. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  5. Some wonderful pieces!

  6. Yes, he is – will be – a great painter. That’s something nobody can take away…

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  8. James Carton

    He was not only a great painter, he was a great brother. Thank you for your tribute to him.

  9. Every time I look at his paintings, so colorfull and vigourous, he is with me, with us… and I’m sure he was (is, as long we do remember him) a great brother…

  10. Monica Lowery

    I just found out about Jerry. I was one of his students at Butterfield. He taught me so much and I am truly saddened by this. I emailed him a while back and I never got anything back from him. I really wish I could of saw him just one last time. He was a great person, and very inspiring. Much like a father figure for me while I was at butterfield. I have so many stories about him, and if you knew Jerry then you know some of his stories. I saw him paint a lot of his paintings in 05 when I was his student. He was so happy he just got married and he loved her so much. He told me to never stop painting. Of course I did when I left butterfield I feel inspired again to paint. He will always be remembered, I will never forget you Jerry. Miss you!

  11. Kelli and Taylor Webber

    Jer still i see him smile and hear his words of wisdom for me to ponder. He has set an excellant exammple of loving kind uncle to my daughter she misses uncle jerry as has been so since we moved in 2000 from mo back to texas thank u tara and carrie for sharing your dad with tay and i we had a wonderful life changing experience and i send my deepest condolence to you both .with love respect sincerely kelli and Taylor Webber

  12. I’d like to announce the website I’m creating, dedicated to my father.

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