The Van Gogh Challenge

Someday in the future, the swarm of particles whom are now «me» will change into something else… To put it otherwise, … I will die.

No big deal…

But then, what to do with the 10-15-20 years (or whatever I still have before me, statistically…) ?

Some, not stupid, Frenchman said in one of his novels : «Témoigner de son vecu» ( Testify of one’s live? Bloody difficult, this French!)

Since what I do most of the time is painting, drawing, writing… well, I’ll testify of what I live through the images I create and the texts I’ll write.. Just the way Vincent Van Gogh did (to mention just him because he was and is my mentor…)

So, I will try – and mainly this will be my CHALLENGE – to do an «Imitatio Vincenti»... Of course, the same way Imitatio Chrsiti is not – or should not be – a literal Imitatio, but a metaphorical one, mine will not be copying or imitating the style or the life of Vincent. Do not expect me to cut a bit of my ear or to go crazy and shoot myself… Van Gogh is such a great artist not because of those things but DESPITE all that… Of course, his celebrity – as superficial as it is – is connected to the anecdotical facts – or myths – of his life, and also to the monetary records his paintings obtain in auctions… But I’ll do my best to entertain you without any gore or (too) insane actions… (My ortograph, both in English and French is pretty funny, eh?)

My challenge is a bit different… I wish to challenge myself to imitate Vincent in his really important deeds: I wish to draw and to paint as intensely, as energetical I will be capable of… I wish to find my «JAPAN» (his was Provence, in the south of France) and to do my best to reflect it in art… I think I kind of did my apprenticeship (like he did before Arles) and I’m now prepared for my Japan

Where ever this «Japan» would be… could be, in fact, the Québec’s Eastern Townships where I live right now… or the Romania’s Transylvanian region where life will possibly oblige me to live in the near future… It isn’t THAT important… all the world is a wonderful place to paint… I wouldn’t mind even if I could go to the south of France… You do believe me, are you?

And since I’m an unique child, no brother Theo to write to and whom to send me money for painting materials and all, I will write on my blog, to you, whoever you are… I even expect you’ll do like Theo, send me some money to buy paints and to modestly live… («Great expectations», eh? Fat chance, eh?) But we’ll speak later about money… while necessary, they are not essential…

So, you’ll have the privilege to follow the metamorphosis of an artist (me) from a pupa to, supposedly, a butterfly… or just a fly, whatever…

Anyway, I’ll do my best to «imitate» Vincent and draw and paint and write my impressions and ideas. In the south of France, or whatever «Japan» I’ll be able to fetch for myself… I’ll do my best as an artist… this is, roughly put, my VAN GOGH CHALLENGE… The beginning of it…

For every great journey starts with a small step, as a wise man put it… Today, the 06 of August 2009, I performed my first step… And the painting you can see bellow it’s kind of simbolical for the path still before me…

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Copyright for the text & images: Dan Iordache, 2009


9 responses to “The Van Gogh Challenge

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    la rascruce de ganduri…

  2. Mihail Medrea

    eu zic ca e un inceput bun; bafta !

  3. Danu

    I like the painting and the challenge! A worthy person to emulate, but who else could you have chosen? I hope your path is perhaps a little easier than his…

  4. Good luck on your interesting journey!

    Best regards,

    Brad Codd
    The Aware Show

  5. Thanks, Bob! The painting is not a great one but mostly symbolical… and I also hope my path will be easier…

    I fact, IT IS… I have already 53, he just barely made 37… I’m as unknown and almost as poor as himself when he died… but I,m relatively sane, in body and mind and we have now many more advantages… welfare, acrylics, Internet, digital photography…

    I am a lot luckier…

    I could have challenged also Picasso or Cézanne… but then, it,s always myself that I really challenge… Thanks again for your visit and kind words!

  6. Thanks, Brad! The Aware Show was a great revelation for me! (sure, I knew a bit the works of Dr. Dyer but, boy! how many other discoveries!

    Thanks for that, since I suppose your work is as much in that as Lisa’s… You are doing a great job for people like me and not only…

    Have a nice life! And come and visit when you can…


  7. ovidiu stanomir

    la rascruce de.. ganduri;

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