The Van Gogh Challenge: ground rules 1

Among some of my latest paintings, here there are some ground rules for my challenge Van Gogh…

a la plage

1. I’ll do it on my blogs and on the net at large (You Tube and other sites are considered…)

2. I’ll write mainly in English (ok, “my” English…Purists beware!) but, whenever I got the time, I’ll translate also in French and / or Romanian, for my friends out there…

3. Neither Vincent nor I are saints…so money talk and money problems will be allowed (but kept at a minimum…)  3b. Since I have no brother Theo to send me money, donations are all right (from 5 $ to 1 milion, but no more than that… I’m not gready…)

(I’ve already tried but neither at the Grocery, nor at the Art Materials shop, they did not want to accept my watercolors and acrylic paintings in exchange for food and art supplies… they called the Police instead… I will give you later my address…no hurry for now…)

hara 2

4. I’ll keep you posted with almost ALL I will paint, draw, write, think, read and eat (nothing about my sex life, though…) since, it seems, everything can be important for the art historians… the Van gogh letters were a true treasure for them (and for me and others)… it was also that Renaissance italian painter (and not a small one… what was his name…Carravaggio?) who noted in his Diary all the little things he ate…

5. I’ll constantly relate to and cite Vincent’s letters and paintings. But I’m my own man, I won’t IMITATE him as such…

6. All gadgets and technological advances are allowed. Why not? Vincent would have loved Internet, digital photography and video, black berries, CD-s and DVDs… I think… Anyway, I know for sure he would have adored acrylic colors and all the gels and stuff! He was always complaining about how slow the bloody oil paintings dried…

7. These ground rules are to be completed and eventually changed every time it will be necessary. No rigid rules, anyway. Freedom is, by the way, one of my main goals…

8. I’ll much appreciate feedback and decent comments from you , folks! But I’m kind of capricious and moody sometimes, so, don’t expect me to answer every time… So manny comments already!

Painting and drawing is, after all, my main thing!

Paysage Sherbrooke 11 08 09

Roger and out!

Copyright for text and images Dan Iordache, 2009.


6 responses to “The Van Gogh Challenge: ground rules 1

  1. Danu

    I like the textures you are using in these paintings (of course, I’m particular to texture). It adds a nice subtle element to them.

    Did you really offer to exchange paintings for food and supplies? I bet in Vincent’s time that would have been more likely…

  2. Really like the red head. Great figure work, Danu.

  3. Thanks, bob!
    No, I didn,t…well, let`s say I offered some friends paintings in order to pay some debts but I didn’t have the courage for the grocery… or the art supply shop… It would be great, though, wouldn’t it?!

    Recently, I started to combine a bit watercolor and acrylic gels and teh results aren’t that bad, it seems?

  4. Thanks, Bill! I know you are partially motivated by insatiable lust, but thanks!

  5. Great Stuff, man! Bravo!


  6. Even the middle one, rafi? I know you don’t like very much weird stuff…
    but thanks man for visiting…

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