What I did last afternoon…

Portrait maker at the Familiefête du Parc Bussière.
Did 9 portraits, about 1 every 25 minutes, which is not too quick… but not bad speed, either…
jeannette email

I had to work pretty fast and the technique was acrylic ink drawing with watercolor.

I truly wonder what would have Vincent done in my place… how would have HE managed the stress of the movement, the intense (too damn intense!) loud noise level (they didn’t have amplifyers back then, in 1890!) and the fidgeting of all those noisy, interrogative, agitated individuals (children and adults) squirming aroung, munching at their hot-dogs…

Look, I am NOT a delicate, sensible like a mimosa type of person… and I don’t think Vincent was, either…

But in order to paint, to draw, some silence is good…necesaary… But paying the bill is also…
portr bluz red baiat email

We artists (especially the guerilla kind, like I like to consider myself… Hey! not a bad title: GUERILLA ARTIST!) have to work sometimes in conditions less than ideal… Like everybody else…

Well, maybe time I should bring some ear plugs…. One has to be creative, has he?

Next days I will show you the rest… and this is a last photo of the artist himself, operating… or shall I say officiating?…

eu pict 2 concentrat email

The severity of the look is an apparence! You have to be tough to keep those little fellows off your back!


6 responses to “What I did last afternoon…

  1. Ba chiar si eu ti-as privi peste umar…

  2. O sa-ti arat curand ce vedeam… am o poza luata din spate…

  3. Nice to see some of your fine portraits again, Danu. And I’m glad for the photo of the artist sketching. Sorry about the noise, which I can almost hear.

  4. Great to have you here 100swallows! No problem with the noise, now, I got myself a pair of earplugs!

    But what you think about the Challenge? (tell in private, if you have time!)

  5. Sometimes I think the discomfort of trying to draw/paint in less than ideal circumstances brings out the painter-warrier in us and makes the work more expressive – certainly true ofyour portraits here.

  6. Thanks, susan! Yes, I think that,s true! some of my best drawings ever were done when I was almost exhausted, cranky (kranky?) and pressed by time… Have a nice day, you hear?

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