The Futility of Fame or…

…a publicity stunt, an experiment, guerilla marketing and such…

There will be some of you, reading this, because you are serious persons, interested in art and artists, cultivated persons for whom Vincent Van Gogh and Ion vincent DAnu means something (as it should…)

… and, on the other hand, there will a lot of you, flimsy, superficial, silly people (men and women and in between) whom will read this because innocent victim of a publicity stunt, of a silly (but interesting) experiment…

I woke up this very night with this very stupid (we’ll see how stupid!) idea: let’s see what fame and glory is made of!?

I told myself WHAT IF, instead of using my usual honey traps for glory like Vincent Van Gogh (not to mention Ion vincent  DAnu which is a tag and category which always brings me 2-3 visits per day…) I will use tags and categories like: the tits of Angelina, Angelina Jolie and her tits, the thing of Brad Pitt, hockey sucks! hockey is great! Obama sucks! Obama is great! Michael jackson is alive! and such…

Usually, when I write about myself (great subject, man!) of about Vincent Van Gogh (even greater subject, man!) or about Art (with majuscule!) or Painting or even Watercolor or Acrylics, I get, if lucky, about 50-60 visits on my blog… So lets see if I can get more, just by tagging and categorizing some stuff like the above said…

Of course it’s a shame and a publicity stunt! of course! But does it work? THAT IS THE QUESTION ! (I’ll add another time Hamlet and Shakespeare as a category… Today we want to see if this Internet glory which is the big number of visits, views and page visited is – or is not- a futility! Right now, at this very moment (I did save the draft and looked…) I have a big number of visitors: 1 (one! uno! un! unu! eintz and so on and so forth…) But then 1 is better than none!

I will start writing those guerilla marketing honey traps and see what happens… And so that my very faithful fans (the 1 I already mentioned, for instance) will be not too disappointed, I will put also a recent reproduction of a sketch, to make his (or more probably HER) visit worthwhile…

jade em
And her name is Jade (a good one!)

You have to recognize, although, that my thirst of glory is moderate… I could have used tags like sex and porn and got automatically thousands and thousands of horny, cultivated people on my blog… Next time I will inform you about the results… (for the record, I will use also one of my best honest trap, the category “horse drawing” and “samurai” to attract some more visitors… this tags did good for me in the past… thanks, horses and samurai!)

And by the way, I LOVE Angelina Jolie tits and lips and she & Brad Pitt really really are GREAT GREAT actors… Friends of mine, whom bought a painting or two…


3 responses to “The Futility of Fame or…

  1. …ha! O sa-ţi spun si eu parerea mea… dar o sa mearga sigur….

  2. Hi Danu!

    From my 3 years experience on the net now, I can honestly say that the number of visitors on a blog or a site is not the important factor, and certainly not if we catch them with inadequate tags.
    But of course it depends on what we want. I want visits, of course, but I want above all that these visitors really give a look to what I present, and even better, contact me to buy a painting or order one. And this, really, is totally independent from the number of visits wordpress or any other place says we have got.

    But if you do paint Angelina’s tits, I am sure that you have got a good chance to sell it to on of the visitors you attracted with that tag.

    I say it again: I love your person sketches!

  3. Iona, my truthfull friend, just read what miki said!

    Miki, we had about the same discussion before and that exactly (or about) what I said or thought, really…

    But the above is more like an innocent joke and a curiosity1 and I have to say, looking at my stats after about 6-7 h…those tags didn’t do much to spike the no of visitors! And much I care!

    Are you a friend of angelina’s? could you persued her to poswe for me (and ok, for you if you want to paint her tties…) Because if you can, I,ll do it! (hope my girlfriend will not get all rilled up by this…)

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