The secret geometry of chance….

…seems to be more the «sacred»… in the Shape of my heart by Sting, one of my favourite songs and artists…

But who has little to do with what I am about to write, except that this secret (or sacred, if you wnat) geometry of chance played today for me…

Reading my bible (that is The letters of Vincent Van Gogh. Penguin book classics, 1997) I fall on this phrases which resonate greatly with me, today:

…« The best thing one could do here (…) would be portrait of women and children…» p. 350, (letter 482 , the 4 th of May 1888, Arles)

…«As for me, I shall carry on working, and here and there something of my work will prove of lasting value…» p. 350, idem.

..«But the painter of the future will be a colourist the like of which has never yet been seen…» p. 350, ibidem,

« I can’t imagine the painter of the future living in small restaurants, setting to work with a lot of false teeth and going to the Zouaves’ brothels as I do…” p. 351, idem,

…« but I’m sure I’m right to think that it will come in a later generation, and it is up to us to do all we can to encourage it, without question or complaint…» p. 351, ibidem,

the souvenir of Mauve

(en février 1888 son ancien mentor en peinture, Mauve, décedait èa la Hague…Emu, Vincent lui dédia cette superbe peinture qu’il donna à la veuve, en souvenir)

… «I am a link in the chain of artists… I did reconcile myself with my mortality…and no longer feel so much need for diversion, I am less plagued by passions and am able to work more calmly…» p. 351, ibidem

With very slight differences (like going to the Zouaves’ brothels) I can subscribe word for word to everything he, Vincent, about 120 years ago, is telling ME (many others are, probably as receptive to his words that I am myself, but then that is THEIR problem…) this challenge is, after all, an illustration of this secret geometry of chance (I like better secret than sacred… the way Sting pronounce it it’s almost impossible to tell which is: secret or sacred…)…

P.S. did you know that sting, this truly amazing artist and exceptional individual of our time, voluntered to be brain scanned while he was composing his music? in Montreal, no less!? I saw it with my own eyes in a DVD about this experiment…)

Here it is the Sting song:


5 responses to “The secret geometry of chance….

  1. What a beautiful painting!

  2. Ah, mie imi plac de mor desenele din scrisori…. cred ca stii totusi site-ul, nu
    Ma duc inapoi la traba aceea baroca….it

  3. Wow! Iona, nu cunosteam linkul asta! o sa-l vizitez des, cred…
    dar tu il stii pe asta?
    Sunt scrisorile lui Vincent, indexate and all…
    da, du-te (desi nu stiu de ce treaba baroca vorbesti… si mi-e frica sa ghicesc…)

  4. Reblogged this on Van Gogh and I and commented:

    Worth rebloging, I think…

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