The things I do right now

blue white nude

I almost finish it – or maybe is it over? I try to obtain some colors and color relations that are not the most usual, mundane, ones…

Et ovum

Entitled ET ovum, it’s an exercise in texture and green violet harmony… also a small experiment in superrealism and in composition… I kind of like it…

iridiscent fish

… An even smaller experiment in texture and iridiscent white… I don’t know why and how but fish, serpents and all kind of other weird animals get out of me regularly… The connexion with Vincent? None. It seems that I am my own man. But, somehow, he IS in my thoughts, in the background…

But then let me loose in the south of France and you’ll see…

Finally (I have 2-3 paintings I’m still working at… but let’s say, finally…) another nude, another exercice (Vincent usually said «des études» = studies… ) in texture, composition and, of course, color…

light blue background nude

If something catches your eye and you want to buy – it would be a first!  – just write me an email and I will give you all the details… I’m not cheap… but not very expensive either… Not yet…

Copyright for the images @ Dan Iordache, 2009


12 responses to “The things I do right now

  1. …movurile tale nelinistitoare… abia acum m-am invrednicit sa deschid… ieri nu prea vedeam inaintea ochilor…

  2. Daca nu te mai nelinistesc movurile mele, Iona, o sa ma specializez in mov, mauve, purple, violet… si asa au mare trecere ca, culori simbolice la cei pasionati de New Age…
    Ma bucur ca te simti mai bine…

  3. …in trecere….

  4. Aren’t we all?! passing?

  5. I really like the creatures behind the little green man. Nice colour scheme, Danu!
    Don’t know why I didn’t before, but I’ll put you on my blogroll (but don’t feel obligated to reciprocate).

  6. Thanks erika! (it<s a green woman, but it<s not important…) I just passed quickly – kind of a busy season right now, strating work and all…) but gimme some time and it will be my pleasure to put your blog on my blogroll – because it<s very refined and interesting…

  7. A nice nude Danu. I like the blue background and the loose gesture of the figure.

    The reclining figure looks like you killed her. I suppose that is one way to get them to hold still.

  8. Yeap, bill! works everytime. Kind of hard to find candidates… but then when you are from the Royal family it get a bit easier…
    Jack t.r

  9. Mihail Medrea

    Sauvage si amicii sai…

  10. titusi din cand in cand ar trebui sa mai postezi cate ceva. Oamenii isi fac o obisnuintă din a vizita anumite site-uri… De ce sa-i contrariezi? Lasa ca stii tu ce-am vrut sa zic.

  11. da, stiu, Iona…dar ca sa postezi trebuie sa ai cu ce, nu?

  12. lydiastrana

    Very nice!

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