Money & Fame

It seems that’s almost all the people are after… Money & fame… maybe as a favorable condition to be loved?

I don’t really know. What I DO know (from my own experience and to the degree someone can KNOW anything) is that one CAN be happy, really happy, without much money and no fame at all… Did Vincent have money? Not really. Did he have fame? not really either… An excessively pathetic article of a young and obscure critic, the appreciation of some artists friends of his and the constant support of his brother…I wouldn’t call that fame…

But then, against all odds, he was happy...Ok, not deliriously and not continuously happy… but happy as one can be in this perfect ? imperfect? world. Rajneesh (or, if you prefer, Osho) said it very well, in simple but poignant words:

“Vincent van Gogh did not sell a single painting all his life * but this didn’t matter; he was happy. If one’s paintings sell,  it’s swell. If they don’t, well, it’s the same thing. Their true value aren’t to be sold, praised, but to be created. Creating them, the artist touch to his goal. When he creates, he is divine, he is God (…) When you create something, in your own style, you become a little god. Since God is the creator, one way to touch it is to be creative.”

Rajneesh (Osho)

A non-conformist guru himself, Osho knew something about hapiness… and if, some day, money or fame (or both) occur to me, well then, it will be swell! I’ll do some travels and the good I’m able to do… But if not, I’ll be happy all the same. Creative I am. Some talent I got. Time on my hands, also…
As W.H. Auden put it: “What answer to the meaning of existence should one require beyond the right to exercise one gifts?”

And here it is, my most recent painting (that I still touch some more, probably)…

nuhab cemetery 2

* the thing with the only (or none) painting sold by Van Gogh it’s a no consequences question… He did sold more than one but, for our purpose, one, more than one or none it<s the same thing… he sold almost nothing in his life…and that’s that…

6 responses to “Money & Fame

  1. I’ve just read a quote of Anais Nin:
    “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”
    Have you saw it?

  2. No, I did not see it Iona… but for me it’s an evident and very important paradigme: our perception creates our reality!

    Just look at the photo which inspired this painting… (and by the way, why are’t you asleep, eh?)

  3. I’m not so sure you can call someone happy that shoots himself. Perhaps he was happy and perhaps not. You can’t always tell by external signs. He did write a lot of letters that probably reveal some of his state of mind.

    Yep you can be supper happy with little in the way of material possessions. But I would prefer to have a lot of money and see if I could find happiness anyway.

  4. You have some points there, bill, of course… On the whole, considering the numerous moments of creative exaltation, I think that, still, Vincent was happy… How many of us did live the extraordinary spring of 1888 in Arles, when he was painting the orchards in flower? Sure, they say he shot himself (which is not 100 % certain, after all…) and maybe he did but that gesture cannot anulate the happiness, can it?

    And sure as hell whici is not that sure…) I wish too to try and see if I can be happy with a lot of money! But I won’t loose neither my time nor my soul (if I can) to get that money…

  5. Trecusem sa vad daca-i ceva nou.

  6. ovidiu stanomir

    toate-s vechi si 9 toate…

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