Why do I like the Japanese?

Is it because of my blood? (AB IV- it seems that about 75 % of the Japanese have this type, the newest in the lot…)

Is it because of Vincent (whom liked them a lot and was influenced by them)? Or is it because of Kurosawa? (the Seven Samurai, the movie, which I saw when I was quite young) Could be other motives too… the novels of James Clavell, or the Black Rain of Ridley Scott

As you see, it`s mostly esthetic or very personal motives… I don’t really know if I would like the Japanese until I will live there for a month or two… Fat chance!

Still, I was thrilled to see at the Public Library a book with the drawings of Akira Kurosawa (the portrait of Van Gogh I reproduce under is his representation of Vincent for the movie Dreams – and it was Martin Scorsese who played Vincent!)… I was thrilled (and I’m thriller every and each time) to see the Seven Samurai and to draw from it (when one thinks this film is born in 1954, 2 years before myself…)

Portr vincent Kurosawa post

Here it is, a sketch I like a lot, my own this time. It’s the best of the 25-30 drawings I made after the movie, using an old video player and drawn quite rapidly (since a video player stays in the Pause mode only for 1-2 minutes…) I did publish it already but I really am proud of it…

3 samurais

Of course, I do know that, in fact, what I like is a subjective perception, an ideea of the Japanese I made up, like a puzzle, from pieces… still, our world being what it is, my perception is as good as any other… and Hokusai, the old man crazy about sketching, is one of my masters, almost at the degree Vincent is…


8 responses to “Why do I like the Japanese?

  1. Mihail Medrea

    Superb portret, DAnu_le! Si faine acuarele!

    Esti un artist matur, stapan pe mijloacele sale; cat de curand trebuie sa vina si randul tau, ca sa fii recunoscut printre cei mari. Felicitari si succes!

  2. Portretul e de Kurosawa, Ovidiu…Pregatire pt filmul lui Dreams. Avea ceva talent, nu?
    Cat despre recunoastere etc. vom vedea… Oricum, bucuria cea mare sta in procesul creatiei… restul e dekili..

  3. Mihail Medrea

    recunosc, nu am citit comentariul in limba lu’ English; dar confuzia mea pleaca de la frapanta-ti asemanare cu acest portret – pur si simplu parca ai fi deghizat in aceasta aparitie exotica!

  4. I like the Japanese because…of many reasons.
    They know how to be modern while keeping their traditions. They are perfectionists. They want to be liked by foreigners. They appreciate art, they hate waste, their cooking is simple and tasty, beautifully presented. However, most of all I like them because I think they have one of the cleanest and safest countries on earth. And Danu, I am sure that if you lived there some time you’ld like them too. However, I am told that after a longer stay in Japan, foreigners feel less welcome, and start feeling a dislike for them. I was told that a foreigner can never really understand the Japanese mind, and even Japanese who spend too much time in the west lose their grip on the Japanese mentality.

  5. Eu inca nu am gasit cartile alea postale… Cine stie pe unde or fi????

  6. It is a great piece Danu. I liked the Clavell novels too. I lived in Japan for 2+ years.

    When I was 21 I would go to Samurai movies with a 50 year old Japanese prostitute. My friends called her “old snaggle tooth” but she and I enjoyed our movies.

    • Thanks, bill! Clavell is a marvelous writer, I don’t care what snobs are saying… The Rat King is also great, but of course… shogun…wow!
      I envy you cordially for your 2+ years over there… Must have been a very interesting period (did you wrote about it? if yes, where I can see it?)

      with you I never know when you are serioous! (that one of the things I like!) and your 50 years old snaggle tooth reminds me of a recent nice movie I’ve seen… YES, with Jim Carrey… If you seen it too you’ll guess what I’m talking about… Ah, 21…

  7. Stau pe un val de pulbere
    Sudui obidit pasărea frunză,
    Inorogul şi
    În cutia de framazoană
    A ouat un păiangăn.

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