I have found my way

During the last year a lot of things started to fall into place for me. Like the pieces of a puzzle. There still are some missing pieces but the big picture is there, quite visible…

Last week I had two small jobs drawing portraits at some corporative Christmas parties and something – maybe the pleasure close to bliss I felt – made me understand that, maybe, this is my DHARMA, my mission, my special talent and vocation in life: drawing portraits of people (sometimes, portraits of landscapes or still life or portraits of the images in my mind, too…)

When, yesterday, I fall upon this citation of Vincent Van Gogh (in a letter of May 1888, written from Arles) I just knew that THAT WAS IT.

“The best thing one could do here, from every point of view, would be portrait of women and children…”

Of course, I do not think that my dharma is to draw portraits of women, children and men only because Vincent said so… I admire and love him and his works but this is a powerful inner impulse which built up for a long, long time in me. I feel it in my heart. It’s just that this is the precise moment when I understood this.

I’m blissfully absorbed when I draw portraits, more so than when I simply draw or paint and I really think I have a knack for this…

Here are some of the portraits I’ve done recently, at Granby and Magog:

Copyright text & images, 2009, Dan Iordache


9 responses to “I have found my way

  1. Tot vrajitoarea rmane favorita mea…

  2. Si eu care credeam c-o sa-ti placa boxerul… pacat ca n-am o poza, semana realmente cu caricatura… n-am exagerat prea mult… era un pic ca uriasul naiv din Oameni si soareci, doar ca mai inteligent…

  3. Very nice – the second from the top and the bottom paintings are my favorites.

  4. Thanks, bill! I missed you and your stories – read some but not as much as I wish… things happen and the net becomes secondary to life…

  5. ovidiu stanomir

    DAnu_le, ai facut remarcabile progrese in arta portretistica ! Felicitari !

  6. Multumesc Ovidiu! Pentru aprecieri dar si fiindca, probabil, tu ai fost cel care a dat cam al 50000 hit pe blogul meu! e de bun augur!

  7. ovidiu stanomir

    Oho, acum observ ca ai trecut de 50.000 de accesari; o cifra jubiliara ! esti bun de cinste !

  8. Da, bem o bere cand ne vom vedea din nou…dar n-am mari merite in chestia asta… Misterele internetului… Oricum, se pare ca blogurile adevarate, cele celelbre, merg pe sute de mii sau milioane… pe luna…

  9. ovidiu stanomir

    poate blogurile bancilor… daca au asa ceva

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