My mug after the flu…

Just a documentary drawning of the Happy for no reason DAnu, after his à la Phyrus victory against the flu…using exclusively oignon, garlic, lemon and some other vegetables and fruits (plus a lot of spices! curcuma, thyme, estragon, mustard and pepper…)

I’m feeling better than I draw myself…

Have a good day (and no flu)!


6 responses to “My mug after the flu…

  1. Nu-mi rămâne decât să te cred pe cuvânt. Dacă tu spui că-i happy….
    Dar mie mi se pare cam trist, ca şi victoria lui Phyrus. Take care, promise?

  2. Fericirea aia, Iona, inafara de timp si spatiu, nu exclude tristea, durerea, suferinta… le integreaza.
    Da, promise. You too, ok?

  3. ovidiu stanomir

    “privind cutezator spre viitor”!

  4. Yeap! desi e mai curand privind cu interes (si atentie) spre viitorul imediat, foarte imediat…

  5. Still looking a bit pale, Danu. Have another bowl of chicken soup. Or maybe some Thai since they are big on spices. Glad you are getting better.

  6. Chicken soup for the soul? It<s just the watercolor pencils I used: no other color than burnt omber and blue… The squalid palor resulted… Glad to hear from you, Bill!

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