For some time now I do not have Internet at home and I have to settle down a bit again before writing again on my blog. But, for those who care, I am ok. Bye for now and Happy Easter!


8 responses to “Intermission

  1. No pictures?

  2. Danu: I just received a very strange e-mail from you, saying that you were in London, that you were mugged, and could I loan you $3400.
    It is clearly not by you, it must have been sent by a hacker (and a crook).
    Check this out right away.
    Oops–I see you might not have internet now and won’t see this comment.

  3. Draga Danu,
    Hope all goes well! Ce mai faci? Intre timp, vai., vai vai… cred ca e-mail adresa ta era “hacked”. Please check your e-mail address when you can!!! 😦

  4. Draga Danu
    Ne-am data seama imdiat ca ai avut un hacker.
    Bine ca nu ti-au furat portofelul la Londra, mie da mi l-a furat cineva acolo, for real. Politia m-a dus la hotel si acolo mi-au dat niste bani pe credit card ca sa ajung la aeroport, ca trebuia sa plec a doua zi.
    Alta data mi sa facut abuz de credit card fara sa fi fost furat. S-au furat numai detaliile si de atunci nu mai folosesc priceline. Asta a facut-o probabil un casier la un hotel din NY, dar nu am platit socoteala aia, ci imediat mi-au schimbat cardul.
    In rest, sa auzim de bine si cind vei avea computer acasa aminteste-ti de prietenii depe discutii06 unde esti oricand binevenit.

  5. Deborah and Rafi, thanks for your concern and advice. I was stupid (but no more, I hope). changed all my passwords, just to be sure. Have a nice day and I’ll talk soon to you (tomorow Internet, I hope).

  6. 100 swallows, yes I got hacked and, of course, it’s not me anymore. Unfortunately, as you know, I didn’t get approved to work in UK so, no reason for me to be in London… I would never ask for money from my friends, no more than 50 $ if we are in the same spot and I have money comming soon to give them back. I hope you and A. are ok and hope to reconnect myself soon to Internet (and to my good friends…I miss a lot our little talks and your art chronicles… Bye for now!

  7. Thanks, Danu. I knew the message wasn’t from you. I was worried that it would get you into trouble. I hope you will soon be back on internet and will show us more of your great paintings.

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