Happiness is an artist sketch…

In French sounded better – “Si le bonheur existe, c’est une epreuve d”artiste”…
And, ok, I took the phrase from a song (France Gall singing “Cezanne”). No law against it. If you hear the truth, what appears to you as the truth, well… you accept it, no matter the source. I am not a snob (hope so!) and it doesn’t have to be  Nietzsche or Kant the source of a profound truth…
I do believe that, for me, at least, happiness lay in a sketch, in a quick portrait and so on. I was no doubt happy yesterday, on a superb May morning, painting in watercolor on the ” promenade des Lac des Nations”. I was “fishing” for a portrait client, hopping to earn a buck (but no strong expectancies, given the hour and the density of the population…) painting what I had before me in the meantime… Here it is:

Mont Bellevue

Just a little sketch (some Cezanne in it, maybe) but, oh, boy! wasn’t”t I happy! The sun was bright but moderately hot, the brize was envigorating and sweet with all kind of fragrances and it was quiet… What can a man ask for more?

Copyright@Dan Iordache, 2010


5 responses to “Happiness is an artist sketch…

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    Dane, pt. mine acest Mont Bellevue aduce putin, f. putin, cu… Dealul Gusteritei. Stiu ca apropierea e fortata, ca si alta asemanare pe care am gasit-o, acum, cu Belvedere-a de la Cluj, dar e vorba de impresie, nu de adevar…

    Oricum, e o f. frumoasa caricatura, pt. care meriti felicitari de la cat mai multi dintre comentatorii de pe blog

  2. ovidiu stanomir

    Revin asupra ultimei fraze (gafa pe care am facut-o arata cat de aiurit sunt, mai ales in conjunctura actuala… TE ROG SA MA IERTI !) : … e o frumoasa acuarela, pt. care meriti felicitari !

  3. Nu-ti fa probleme, Ovidiu! Ma bucur de vizita si, culmea! ti-am trimis prin email adineauri exact aceasta reproducere ! Felicitari din nou pt carte!
    Si da, seamana cu Guterita si poate si cu Bellevederea de ala cluj…

  4. ovidiu stanomir

    Dane, imi plac culorile “pastelate”. Acuarela cu Mont Bellevue e “tare de tot”, insa culorile sunt reci, foarte reci…

    Dar sper ca pana ne vom revedea o sa pictezi tu altceva pe gustul meu.

    Sanatosi de-om fi, toate celelalte se aranjeaza, cumva.

    • Okey-dokey! Sigur o sa pictez ceva cum iti place tie desi culorile tari sunt mai frecvente la mine…Nu neaparat reci…Dar da, sa fim noi sanatosi…

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