Landscape sketches and portraits…

Yesterday`s work:

A watercolor sketch of a landscape (that I rather like myself). I did LOVE to paint it on Arches paper, the watercolor paper I like most (even if Strathmore, Canson & comp. aren’t bad at all…) But there is something that I like especially about Arches… Not only its smell, but the superbe manner in which colors do «melt» on it, the excellent absorbancy…

This one I gave to one of my pupils (her paper…) but I would have like to keep it for my personal collection…

And then, in the evening, I draw 4 portraits at a supposedly big  «souper bénéfice» for the Grand Table (an organization that offers affordable meal for poor people). Not many rich ones show up to give to the poor… Well…

I was still busy, drawing, to begin with, Denis, le bénévole (a kind person and not so powerful as Lenny from Steinbeck’s play…) then Ginette, the director of La Grande Table and then two very cute brothers, Benjamin (very pure lines, big, big brown eyes) and Nathan (not so angelical but still very cute and inquisitive). Benjamin asked me if I do know (and am friend with) Picasso (I wish!) and it was quite an experience to understand that, for him, Picasso was still alive and well, as if an artist like him couldn’t die…

Here they are:


Copyright@Dan Iordache, 2010


2 responses to “Landscape sketches and portraits…

  1. Love the landscape, beautiful rich colors.

    Great portraits too…Benjamin really asked you if you knew Picasso? Funny!

    • Yes he did! and I was very happy not only that for a bright kid Picasso was still alive but also that he kind of associate me with him! very flattering! and thanks…

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