All kind of plans…

For instance, since human clients for portraits seems to be rare these days, I plan to do some superb dog portraits (knowing how much people love their pets, a good portrait should bring me tons of cash…) Here are some models I plan to paint the next days… waiting for humans (Godot included)…

charlotte, the mini-doberman

Big cute one (don

another big fellow canine

I also plan to start a project with teenagers (12 to 17) teaching them to draw portraits of themselves, if the project will be approved…

But mainly, I plan to draw portraits at the Marche de la Gare, a picturesque spot in Sherbrooke with plenty of interesting people walking by (mostly on rolling skates, jogging, on bykes and parading their pure breed dogs… no cats to be seen, yet…) Plenty of couples and beautiful young girls, children and grandparents… A lot of clients of the Orford Express Train, too… Not a moment of boredom… I even took recently a picture of a guy getting arrested (a drug dealer of some sort?) …

Police activity

So, folks, danu will not be bored this summer… which is the least of Danu,s problems since, with some watercolor paper and some colors he NEVER gets bored… Have a good summer too!

5 responses to “All kind of plans…

  1. ovidiu stanomir

    Ai dreptate, DAnu_le – omul e cel mai bun pretin al dog-ului…, pardon, vitzavercea cred ca e mai corect !

  2. Excellent photos Danu! I love the dog photos and the arrest shot just made me laugh.

  3. Thanks, Carol! All kind of dogs walking around…I<ve learned more about dogs since I work here than in any other circumstances! And yes, I wasn,t a very dramatic arrest, just one dramatic enough for a beautiful and balsamic summer evening…

  4. Reblogged this on Van Gogh and I and commented:

    From the time I still had plans…

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