The smell of summer

Yesterday, after work (drawing portraits at the Marche de la Gare… only I had no human to draw… I did a dog portrait insteed…) I was buying bananas and bluets. It was about 9 in the evening and the sun almost gone. And, for the first tine this year, I smelled the summer…

Big dog small lady

You know, that smell that gets you excited, that makes girls walk taller and sexier and make boys flexed their muscles and giggle. And old geezer like me, sniff the warm air and remember… Jasmin, all kind of vegetal scents, good cooking, youth…

And I was thinking: I have about 40-50000 debt (mostly to the government, study debt), the bank still owns my car for the next 5 years (and I am not sure I will be able to make the monthly payments), I am on welfare (or about to get on it…) and when I don’t shave  I look 70 and worn out, my kids still have problems, more or less serious, but oh, boy! am I happy! Happy for no particular reason, except, maybe, this summer smell and the remembrance of the first  days of the summer vacation, when I was 9-10 years old… When you got up at 5 or 6 o’clock AM, just like that, passing in a second from the slumber of the sleep to the awareness of a beautiful day, outside… And the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of summer and freedom… Life… and you had also a hard on… and you are proud of it…

Oh, boy!

Even now, after all these years of errors and depression and fights and struggle, after the acceptance of things the way they are and the wisdom which came to you from nowhere in particular but got to you and changed everything, I still can remember the smell of summer.

Sure, I have now my own formula, distilled from all I’ve read and lived: NO REGRETS (FROM THE PAST), NO ILLUSIONS (FOR THE FUTURE) AND NO FEARS (IN THE PRESENT). TRY TO BE FREE!  It’s a good formula, a great program, and a wise contraption but sometimes, for an instance of bliss, the smell of summer is better… And, oh, boy! I am happy… for no particular reason…


5 responses to “The smell of summer

  1. Rafael Manory

    Keep up the good work! The dog is very cute and looks very much like his picture.


  2. Wonderful post, Danu, I can smell your summer and your happiness… simply delicious to see you like that,..

  3. Danu, I know that feeling…and you capture it beautifully in this entry, excellent stuff.

    It made me recall spending a summer day with my mates on the River Dove in Derbyshire, ‘shooting’ the wier on flimsy inflatable sunbeds -incredibly dangerous, but what did we care? We were young, and immortal. If you could bottle that feeling, you’d be a millionaire!

  4. Thank you, Miki and Kev! If I succeded to convey some of that feeling, I’m very glad. I participate – a bit – at your life, seeing the pictures from your wonderful travels. If you can do the same (even if I am kind of lazy) well, we do take advantage (until 2012, ha!) of all these technology marvels, Internet and stuff…

    Yes, Miki – it will be my (our) first grand child, a boy Joana and David (the parents) will name Gabriel… since I am a Gabriel Bryne fan, I,m in favour…

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