Parrots, rain and cute girls…

Today, Saint Jean Baptiste, we went to the Marche de la Gare, hopping to do a few portraits…

No luck with that. Soon after installing our table a heavy rain started and we find ourselves together under a large copertine… That is, 4 parrots, my wife, me and Raymond, the gentle parrot owner… and some cute little girls and some others… (I have to say the cute girls were 2 – 3 years old, to avoid all misunderstanding…)

cute girl with pair of parrot

So, I did the portrait of my friend Murphy, took some pictures and video clips (you can see some of them if you search at You Tube “ivdanu”) and then went home.

Murphy, the sketch

Murphy doesn’t seem to be too disgursted with his portrait (my first parrot)…

At that precise moment, the sun came back… To paraphrase an American wise writer : that’s the way the things are… Very “zen” , Kurt Vonnegut jr., may the Lord rest his soul…

(copyright @dan iordache, 2010)


7 responses to “Parrots, rain and cute girls…

  1. Danu, I need to send you a mail, but the two adresses I have seem to fail, the mails come back.
    Can you send me a valid one at


  2. What an excellent parrot painting. For such a rainy day you painted a very cheerful and colorful image of Murphy. I bet he’s proud of you.

  3. Dear Danu,
    Murphy semms tu adore your painting !
    And I will follow Murphy’s law !
    all the best !

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