Rest in peace, sweet prince!

Today, exactly 120 years ago, Vincent Van Gogh passed away in Auvers, France. At the time, he was just another poor, unknown artist, who committed suicide. No big deal… Some 12-15 friends and his brother Theo (who was going to follow him in January 1891) assisted at the inhumation ceremony, which ceremony almost didn’t take place… People who commit the capital sin aren’t easy to find burial ground…

Anyway, any of this is important. The important things Vincent let to humanity are the drawings and the paintings and the letters that he created in his short, tormented existence. And the example of an artist passionate and generous. A prince of the art of painting. A prince with bad teeth and a pair of  worn-out boots…

His enormous popularity, today, is not, probably, due to his art or to his letters. Or not only… The legend of the mad genius with clipped ear – a legend full of myths and inexactitudes and exageration – did more for his fame than his direct, superb, colorful paintings (or sincere and subtle letters). But all this doesn’t matter, either…

So, rest in peace, sweet prince…

(I am almost ashamed to post only this very modest 15 minutes watercolour  sketch in his honor but then we have to work with what we have…)

Petite fantesie


4 responses to “Rest in peace, sweet prince!

  1. Rafael Manory

    Yes Danu, I know you love him, and so do I. I am not sure you could call him a prince though. He belongs to a special class of people, geniuses before their time. The Talmud says that nobody is a prophet in his own village, and this perhaps explains this phenomenon of people of unrecognized genius. I think that the myths around him are not the reason that he is so much appreciated today. Copies of his paintings
    hang today everywhere, including the walls of teenagers’ rooms. He is appreciated because we art appreciation has evolved. Too bad that he wasn’t around to enjoy the changes in the taste of the public.

    • It was an approximative citation from Hamlet, I think, Rafi! but I suppose you know that already… and a prince of art, yes, he was on if I ever knew one…

  2. Hi Danu,
    A beautiful, emotional watercolor! I think it’s wonderful and I would bet that Van Gogh would have liked it too!

    • Thanks, CarolKing! I don<t know aobut vincent but I would have loved to meet him. sometimes, looking at his works, and at the movies they made about his life (Pialat, Altman, et meme le vieux Minelli) I have the illusion I do know him… He appears also – as a episodical character – in the movie called Lautrec, about the life of his friend, toulouse- lautrec, whom did provoke to duel a belgian artist that insulted (the memory) of Vincent, in 1891 or about…

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