Still kicking…

For my known & unknown friends: I am still kicking… Didn’t draw or paint a lot lately… I suppose there is a time to draw & paint and another time to earn some money (for me it didn’t work to paint AND earn money)… But art is always somewhere in the back of my mind and I sense the beginning of a new era: soon enough I will let myself loose & man! how I miss messing around with colors!

I report reading some (Deepak Chopra, mostly, and Arnaud Desjardins) & learning to read faster with Photoreading (Paul Sheele & his Learning Strategies) but mostly going to work (as a customer service agent for BM) & witnessing my first grandson, Gabriel, getting his first teeth (I add a picture of his trying his teeth on mis finger…)

Gabidou seems to like the taste of my finger...

Still a painting teacher, teaching gentle nuns to paint landscapes in watercolor. Waiting for the spring to come, eventually, in this long, long winter of our discontent…


2 responses to “Still kicking…

  1. Grand children are a lot of fun!
    I have four of those already…:-)
    Numai bucurii sa ai dela el.

    • Four! rafi, trebuie ca esti de 4 x mai fericit ca mine…Desigur, daca poate fi masurata, fericirea… Numai bine tie si alor tai!

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