Remebering the Snakes

I woke up this Sunday morning with most of this post already written. “Written” for me, before I wake up completely, with a complete layout and all. Weird, eh?

“I” was remembering (ah, “Remembering” by Avishai Cohen! What a tune! see at myself that I am more than the public amuser, the caricaturist, drawing instant portraits for a living (which would be very good). But, unfortunately, there aren’t yet enough people willing to pay a symbolic price for their reflection in my artist’s eyes… Anyway, I am also – and I forgot that  for a while – a bizarre, original artist, capable of painting strange images, embedding symbols of deep (I suppose) psychological strata, that I do not completely, rationally, understand myself…

That I am also (or even mainly) this artist, the one who draws and paint minotaurs and snakes and black panthers running wild to mate, in the springtime night…

That, a part for trying (mostly unsuccessfully, which is not fair – but, Malcolm dixit, life isn’t fair, isn’t it?) to earn a good living, I am also trying to go deep(er) in myself, trying to tap into that evasive collective (or universal) conscience, the one mythical collective subconscious mind that Jung was so keen to unveil. The place where snakes and minotaurs and birds and black panthers mean something more … and not often, just from time to time, when I’m working & playing long enough to forget about car payments and maximized credit cards, I succeed. And then snakes & eggs, Angels of Death and black panthers and shining cemeteries with crows materialize on the canvas. And I feel that I am approaching my true self, Danu the artist, whom is more than a loser, and old geezer trying to get by… DAnu, the original artist, capable, at times, to tap into old worlds, worlds I do not even remember I know…or knew…

Walking up this morning (but maybe all this started yesterday night…) I had this small epiphany: whether or not I will earn good money& fame with my paintings, whether or not I will be appreciated & recognized or simply known as an original artist, it doesn’t matter. The only important thing is to keep my path, to continue to draw & paint, to continue to try to tap into the deeper strata, toward that evasive source which is me and isn’t me… That is my “mission”.

As a bonus, maybe, I will live enough to give Gabriel, my first grandson (and to the grandsons to come…) the taste of art, the taste of creativity. The taste of life. Ok now. That’s enough. It starts to be corny…

Copyright, Dan Iordache, 2011


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