Drawing? Painting? Who cares?

I was always amazed (and a bit irritated) by this mania of ours to label things. Very often I was puzzled by the necessity to label paintings (or drawings?) so that they fit a box. Because, in reality, they don’t really fit. Drawing become painting and painting could become drawing, concepts are fluid and rarely, quite rarely, exact…

In fact, who cares? The art critics, the art historians, maybe… Some left brainiacs who rarely – or never – touched a pencil or a brush… I know that I don’t really care. I just draw. Or paint. Or whatever…

What is important for me, as an artist, is the process, the fluid process of doing something out of nothing, the process of creation. Ok, I said it: creation. When you paint-draw-whatever, you create. You are a mini-God, a tiny-whiny creature who does tiny “creations” (sometimes big ones, like the last Nenuphars of Monet or les Baigneuses of Cézanne, to cite some recent classics…) that, afterwards, are labeled (or not) by the art critics and art historians and, eventually, hanged up in some Museums. The places where very precisely (?) labeled things are exposed to the ecstatic admiration of the crowds of leftbraniacs. But I am labeling…

In fact, I kind of understand. You have to pin down something in order to give it reality, like you pin down an insect before you could give it a latin name…

Anyway, what is really important to me, personally, is this process of creation. Even if I don’t do it as often as I should (but then, who is to say what I should do and when?), even if I cannot figure out for good if I am a great artist or just another right brainiac with pretentions and ambitions of an “artist”…

Anyway, here is a puzzle for you: is this a painting or a drawing? For, even after writing this post (by the way I started writing this 2 half asleep…) I don’t really see the difference…

Homage to Leibnitz


2 responses to “Drawing? Painting? Who cares?

  1. I love this post. I like your art (painting/drawing) too; my eye just had fun picking out shapes and following lines and colors in it. And the bird like figure on the lower left. Loved him. 🙂

    I’ll add in photography done as art also to this post also. Taking photos, not just to create a memory, but to fulfill a vision in the photographer’s mind is a type of art.

    But what does it matter the label. If it’s created and the artist likes it, or someone else does, it’s art in someone’s eye.

    Great post! And now go on your god – like way and create. 🙂

    • Thanks, KatiesCameraBlog! We write blogs, we paint paintings, we take photos… Most of the time, it’s only the pleasure, pure pleasure, of just doing that. sometimes, though, from time to time, a fellow artist come by chance and appreciate what we have done, knowing what he or she talks.., and it feels very good…

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